Black Leaf 'Galileos SteamOmeter' Oil Bong

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The Black Leaf 'Galileos SteamOmeter' Oil Bong is a handmade steampunk bong, made of borosilicate glass and copper alloy. These futuristic bongs are decorated with all kinds of retro-industrial ornaments such as gears, screws, a nitro condensator (filled with a coloured glycerine-solution) and other typical steampunk-attributes. Because every Galileos SteamOmeter is made by hand, they are all unique and therefore a worthy piece to any serious bong-collector.

The whole inside of this extravagant bong is made of borosilicate glass, so that you can enjoy the pure and unspoiled taste of your concentrates or herbs. On the inside of the smoke chamber, there's a drum percolator which makes sure that the smoke is exposed to the water much more than without the percolator by increasing the surface area of the smoke. This cools and filters the smoke enormously well, creating a cool and silky smooth smoking experience and a delicious taste. The pressure gauge is only for the looks, but the recycle-chamber situated between the smoke chamber and the mouthpiece has a huge impact on the cooling and filtration of the smoke: the water is drawn up into the chamber together with the smoke while you inhale, and subsequently flows back down into the big chamber, creating an endless loop. This doesn't only create a marvelous visual effect, but it also improves the smoke drastically. The bent mouthpiece increases smoking comfort: you can simply stay seated while smoking, instead of having to stand up over the bong. The recycle chamber in combination with the bent mouthpiece also make sure that no splahes of water will every reach the inside of your mouth. A well thought out and functional design that's very pleasant to use, even though it's almost a shame to use such a pretty peace of art as a pipe for smoking. Almost, of course, because who could resist the temptation of smoking from this beautiful bong?

Galileo's SteamOmeter comes with a dabbing banger for smoking concentrates (dabbing). This makes it a real dab rig. With the banger (oil bowl) also comes a so-called carb cap, with which you can close the opening of the banger to avoid losing smoke, and also to minimize the airflow which maximizes the smoke development. But this bong is also very suitable for smoking herbs and using it as a normal bong, for which you only need a normal SG14 (14,5mm) bong bowl. This bowl can be bought seperately. Thanks to its weight and stable foot, it's also no problem at all to upgrade this bong with a pre-cooler or ash catcher, making the smoke even more refined (and making the bong look even cooler).

But how does such an oil bong work? Very simple: you heat up the included dabbing banger with a gas torch or dab torch, after which you let it cool down for a moment in order to "dab" the concentrate or hash oil onto the hot banger. Then you hold the carb cap over it, and inhale the sweet oil vapour while the steam develops. 

Take note: to protect the beautiful appearance of the copper outside of this bong and keep it in good shape, we recommend to clean (the outside of) this bong with water only and not to use any aggressive cleaning solutions.

We only sell GENUINE Black Leaf "Galileo's SteamOmeter" Bongs 


About The Black Leaf 'Galileos SteamOmeter' Oil Bong

  • Handmade of Borosilicate Glass & Copper
  • Brand: Black Leaf (With Black Leaf logo)
  • Height: 28 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 51/18 Millimeters
  • Bowl Joint Size: SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Equipped with a Drum Percolator
  • Dabbing Banger (oil bowl) Included
  • Carb Cap For Dabbing Included
  • Without Kickhole (No Carbhole)
  • Every SteamOmeter bong is unique
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