Easy Skunk (Strain Review)


THC: 15-18%


In this blog, we look at the popular choice for budget smokers, "Easy Skunk" from Cannabisboot Happy Smile The Hague. I will be discussing this strain by dividing it into 5 sections; Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste, and a Conclusion where I give my remarks.



Easy Skunk

Easy Skunk


The bud has an earthy green color to it with many short orange hairs sticking out. The orange hair indicates that the crop was harvested at its peak and that it has fully matured. Due to its dull color, it can be guessed that this cannabis isn't extremely fresh but is getting you high. The dark hue and the low trichome density also could imply that this strain was grown outdoors.


When pulling the stem out of the buds, I realized a long piece of hair that was stuck between two buds. Even when I was purchasing it I remembered the worker getting a new bag of Easy Skunk and spent a few minutes pulling something out of the buds as they were tangled. As the piece of hair I found was quite deeply tangled I could guess that the piece of hair was from where the weed was sourced.

While I was grinding the bud and pouring it onto my rolling paper, I found it pretty easy to roll as they stayed intact as I rolled it into a joint.


When taking a sniff of the jar bottle, it smells very earthy and a cheese-like smell which left me hooked and intrigued.

As I load it on to the grinder and grind it for a few seconds, I started noticing the smell from before but much more strongly and with a new hint of citrus. As I unscrew the bottom compartment, it gives me a resurgence of that initial attraction to the smell. It smelt amazing and had me pretty excited to smoke it.


The crucial part of any cannabis; how does it taste and how is the high.

The taste was similar to the smell but not as strong as it which had me disappointed. But at the same time 6€ for a gram (at the time of writing), you're getting what you paid for. It's not harsh and a great place to start for novice smokers.

Personally, the high is nice and relaxing but not to the point where I'm not stuck to the sofa but rather enjoying my surroundings and feeling happy; which felt somewhat similar to hallucinating. Meanwhile, my roommate who I shared the joint with seemed pretty mellow and returned to his room to take a 5-hour nap.



"Easy Skunk" is infamous for its ease of growing, rapid growth rate, and adaptability in any climate which is why its one of the cheapest strains you can buy at Happy Smile.

It's personally disappointing as it had me excited and then instantly let down. But for its price point, it gives a nice body warming high and is a perfect candidate for a mid-day or after work smoke.

If you're looking for your bud to be good tasting and offer a nice high, then this isn't the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you're on a budget, this amazing smelling bland tasting strain is just for you. This is also one of my top recommendations for new smokers as it has no harsh throat hit, and offers a rather more calming and relaxed high where you remain in control.

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Easy Skunk Joint



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