Coffeeshop Happy Smile in The Hague (Cannabis Boat) Review

Today we visit the Cannabisboot Happy Smile - The Hague which can be directly translated to Cannabis-boat Happy Smile is a Coffeeshop located in Laakhaven, The Hague.

Coffeeshop Happy Smile


Review and Overall Experience

I revisit the first-ever coffee shop that I visited and will share the experience I had going in, purchasing ganja, and the consumption of the ganja.

I still distinctly remember the first day of arriving at the Hague and walking around filled with anxiety and stress of the new environment and living alone. As I walk by the canal, I see in the distance a large sign reading "Coffeeshop". I walk closer as I start smelling the reeking odor of the fresh cannabis from the boat.

Coffeeshop Happy Smile Covid & Age Check

The worker waiting outside to make sure the visitors are of age and that they are meeting the COVID regulations


A worker stands outside and as I wait outside to go in, he looks at me and asks me for my identification before I enter. They didn't allow photos of IDs or passports and requested me to show my actual passport. He checks my age and says "Ok" with a smile on his face.

He went on to make conversation with me as we waited for the three customers inside to finish.

With the new Corona-virus pandemic, they have set out a few regulations for the safety of the customers.

  1. Only our take away area is open
  2. Maximum of 3 customers inside
  3. Keep 1.5 meters distance
  4. No physical contact between visitors and our staff
  5. If you pay cash, put your money on the counter


He remembered that I was Japanese and tells me that he has never seen a Japanese customer and that I am the first. I replied to him that I am a 1st-year student that just moved here and noticed a large grin on his face as he said "I hope to see you often then”.

And as we were continuing the conversation the other customers left and it was my turn to enter. I remember walking in and seeing the menu on 3 screens. All separated into different sections and I was able to navigate through their wide array of stock in a glance. They had a wide array of Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa, hash, pre-rolls, and even pre-filled tubes with THC & CBD concentrates.

As I could decide what I was wanting I simply asked the budtender for their top seller. He told me the top seller was definitely "Lemon Haze" but their top-shelf was "Silver Haze". The service was amazing and was very friendly. They are very informative of all things related to cannabis and even if it is your first time smoking, they will surely guide you through the whole process.

A gram of "Silver Haze" was 11€ which was a very affordable price point for a gram of top-shelf flower. Even when looking through the whole menu, no large price tags are to be seen and can be recommended to get good weed at a low price range.

Dispenser Coffeeshop Happy Smile

If in need of any other necessary tools, many are available to the side of the counter inside a dispenser. It includes the likes of grinders, cones, lighters, papers, and snacks to prepare for the munchies.

Though if you're looking for proper metal grinders, bongs, and more advanced smoking equipment, is probably where you'd rather find it in with its wide variety of products. If in need of anything smoking-related, you'll probably find it here.

I went home with a single gram of "Silver Haze" to see how it smoked. But before I arrived home, I looked into my wallet to take a closer look. The scent of the bud was leaking through the small ziplock bag it was in and it smelt amazing. I quickly walked home and put the bud I got on my scale.

Coffeeshop Easy Smile Silver Haze

The scale read the bud .15 grams more than what I paid for


I was pleasantly surprised as I read 1.15 grams when I paid for just a gram. I've been to multiple coffee shops where it often reads exactly a gram or lower but rarely over by this much more.

I ended up grinding the whole bud and rolled a joint for myself and my roommates. The smell was intense and was very potent. It rolled beautifully, smoked beautifully, and got a wonderful high.

My honest review is that it isn't the most intense high nor was it the best tasting. This doesn't take away from how great it is for the price but if you're looking for the best ganja you can find in The Hague, you may have better luck elsewhere.


  • Fair Pricing and wide range of selections
  • All necessary accessories available
  • Super friendly staff and service
  • Extremely potent and fresh flower


  • Limited selection in-terms of accessories
  • Location is a bit hard to access


Last updated August 29th, 2020

Indica Menu

Strain Name

Price /g


Happy Indica

€ 8


Magic Bubble Kush

€ 10


Rollex Kush

€ 11


Sweet Sunset

€ 11

Introduction Price

Mango Cheese

€ 12



Hybrid Menu

Strain Name

Price /g


Easy Skunk

€ 6


Santa Maria

€ 10

Introduction Price

The Pure Power

€ 11


Bubble Haze

€ 11


Diablo III

€ 13



Sativa Menu

Strain Name

Price /g


Happy Haze

€ 8


Power Plant

€ 10


Lemon Haze

€ 10

Top Seller


€ 11


Silver Haze

€ 11

Budtender Recommendation

Brazil Amazon

€ 11





Even if you're new to smoking, or a common smoker, the great pricing and friendly service at Cannabisboot Happy Smile - The Hague will have you visiting this coffee shop regularly, especially if you live in the area. Definitely to become one of my regular coffee shops I'll be visiting during my time in The Hague.

More Info

Address: Verheeskade 30 2521 BN Den Haag

Telephone: 070 389 29 73



Coffeeshop Happy Smile The Hague

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