Glass CannaDevil Bong 'CannaHeroes'

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The Glass CannaDevil Bong 'CannaHeroes' is a simple, full-size glass bong with a fun 'CannaDevil' print. Perfect as an entry model for rookie bong-smokers, but also great for the more experienced bongers.

In short, this bong is a real price-killer. Very low priced and high quality. We all want that, right?

The glass of which the Glass CannaDevil Bong is made, is durable enough to satisfy your daily smoking needs for many years. When used normally, this bong can easily last for a very long time without any issues. Simple and easy to use, but (at least) as effective it's comrades in its price range.

A huge advantage of this bong is that you can easily clean it with luke warm tap water an a bong brush. Due to the lack of percolators and other frills, you can reach all corners of the bong with a brush to remove the limescale / tar deposits. It is possible that with long-term use, tap water alone no longer does its job properly, but we have several bong cleaners in stock for that. With this you can be sure that your bong stays optimally clean and you can put it 100% bacteria-free back in the cupboard.

The bong can be upgraded to your liking with the accessories available in our store. This way you can truly get the max out of your bong. This includes pre-coolers, diffuser downstems, diffuser beads or ash catchers. But say for yourself: a bong like this is not about the best possible filtration of the smoke or ultimate cooling. This is just a good, simple bong for an incredibly good price!


About The Glass CannaDevil Bong 'CannaHeroes':

  • Attachment: SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Height: 30 Centimeters
  • Made of Glass
  • Shape: Hollow Foot & Straight Tube
  • Glass Thickness: 3mm
  • Glass Colour: Transparent
  • With Carbhole / Kickhole
  • Diameter: 40mm
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