Grace Glass Bong 'Bermuda Triangle'

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The Grace Glass Bong 'Bermuda Triangle' is a high quality borosilicate glass bong made by the Dutch bong brand Grace Glass. It has everything a stoner could possibly wish for: a spiral percolator, the possibility of adding ice cubes, a diffuser downstem, a beautiful appearance and of course, very important, it's made of strong and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The thickness of the glass wall is 5mm, and the bong itself has a height of 35 centimeters. The diffuser downstem and bowl both have SG19 (18,8mm) "standard grind" attachments, making it easy to replace those parts or add a pre-cooler or ash catcher. But no need for all that, because thanks to the diffuser downstem, spiral percolator and (if you desire) ice cubes (making this a true ice bong!), the smoke is cooled and filtered exceptionally well, resulting in the smoothest and most enjoyable smoke you've ever experienced!

 Another very handy feature is the kickhole, or carbhole, that comes with a rubber plug to close it off. The carbhole is meant for controlling the airflow with your finger, so you can easily draw the bong full of smoke and inhale it all at once. Why would you want to close that off? Two reasons: 1. if you're cleaning your bong, you can fill it with water or bong cleaner and let it soak (you'll need a bong plug to close off the downstem hole), and 2. if you prefer smoking with a lift-off bowl instead of a carbhole, you can close it off so that you no longer need to plug the hole with your finger. Isn't that nice? 

If you're looking to buy a Grace Glass bong that offers fantastic value for money, and if used normally, can easily last for MANY many years, look no further. Bongify is the #1 Online Bong Shop in Europe and your official Grace Glass dealer. Note: although there are some fake chinese GG bongs on the market, they are of inferior quality with lower durability and don't have the fine level of finishing the real Grace Glass bongs offer. Bongify only sells genuine Grace Glass bongs!


About The Grace Glass Bong 'Bermuda Triangle'

  • Made of High Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Height: 35 centimeters
  • Made by Grace Glass
  • Grind / Attachment: 18,8mm (SG19)
  • Equipped with Spiral Percolator
  • With Ice Notches (Ice Bong)
  • With Diffuser Downstem (11cm long)
  • Kickhole (Carbhole) with rubber plug
  • Shape: Beaker Base Bong
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