Grace Glass 'Piece of Art' Blue Spiral Percolator Bong 'OG Series'

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The Grace Glass 'Piece of Art' Blue Spiral Percolator Bong 'OG Series' is another beautiful bong as we are used to from Grace Glass: equipped with a percolator, made of the tremendously strong and heat-resistant borosilicate glass ("Scientific Glass"), and it even has notches in the glass for holding ice cubes, which makes it a true ice bong!

This 35 centimeters tall bong is truly a magnificent piece of art that will give you massive smoking pleasure for many many years if you treat it right. Thanks to its average size it's easy to store this bong anywhere in your house, yet still incredibly pleasant to use.

Grace Glass is a Dutch bong manufacturer that has been famous for many years for producing fantastic bongs at very affordable prices, and that is why we think this bong cannot be missed from our assortment. It is not only super nice to use, but it also looks incredibly attractive! The Blue/Yellow/Orange-coloured glass makes it an absolute eye-catcher, and the REAL golden lines give it an expensive, premium look. Thanks to the bulge in the glass where the percolator is situated, the bong feels great to hold in your hands.

The incredible degree of cooling and filtration that this bong provides is as good as unbeatable. The smoke enters through the downstem, where the smoke is cooled and filtered for the first time by the water in the bong. The water gives the smoke a much smoother character and filters out a lot of impurities from the smoke (such as tar). This makes you cough less, and you also inhale a much cleaner smoke! But that's not all: as soon as the smoke travels up through the spiral, which is also filled with water, it gets cooled and filtered AGAIN, making the smoke even more smooth, clean and tasty. But there's more. With this bong, you have the option to cool the smoke down a third time and make it even more comfortable to inhale: with ice cubes. By adding ice cubes to the neck of the bong (the ice cubes are held in place by the three "ice notches" in the glass), you can refine the smoke even further before it enters your lungs. But even without using ice, this bong performs absolutely phenomenally!

Thanks to the universal SG19 (18,8mm) connections of both the bowl and the downstem it is possible to equip this bong with other accessories, such as pre-coolers, ash catchers or dab nails / dabbing bangers for smoking dabs / concentrates. This way you can transform your bong into a true dab rig, by simply switching the bowl!

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About The Grace Glass 'Piece of Art' Blue Spiral Percolator Bong 'OG Series':

  • Glass Percolator Bong
  • Made By Grace Glass
  • Laboratory Glass / Borosilicate Glass (4mm Thick)
  • 2x SG19 (18,8mm) Connections
  • Suitable for Ice (Ice Bong)
  • With Spiral Percolator
  • 35 Centimeters Tall
  • With Carbhole (Air Hole)
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