Greenline Ice Bong 'Monkey'

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The Greenline Ice Bong 'Monkey' is a simple but effective cheap glass bong. With a height of 30 centimeters it is a full-size glass bong that offers the possibility of adding ice cubes to cool the smoke down more effectively than with water only. The universal SG14 (14,5mm) connection offers plenty of options, and thanks to the carbhole you don't need to lift the hot glass bowl out of the bong while smoking. You won't find many bongs in this price range that offer this much value for money!

This is one of the best bongs in terms of value for money that we have to offer. The large water chamber has plenty of room for enough water to cool your smoke properly, and the long downstem that goes down almost all the way to the bottom makes sure that no valuable space is lost and you smoke is cooled more effectively. Thanks to the SG14 (14,5mm) attachment for the chillum (downstem + bowl), you can also equip this bong with other bowls and downstems to make it look more individual. Although the downstem does what it should, you can make the bong cool and filter your smoke better by upgrading it with a diffuser downstem that spreads your smoke through the water better. Or, if you enjoy dabs, put on a dabbing banger or oil nail and enjoy your concentrates!

The ice holders in the middle of the bong (the three notches in the glass) are a great addition to the bong. Simply throw in some ice cubes through the mouthpiece, and your hit will be MUCH cooler and more enjoyable! The ice itself cools the smoke as it passes by the ice cubes, but it also keeps the bong water cooler as the ice cubes start to melt. Everyone who has ever tried an ice bong knows that there is a world of difference between regular bongs and ice bongs, and most people will never want to go back!

Because the bong is relatively simple (it has no percolators, diffusers or honeycomb discs), it is really easy to clean! With a simple bong brush and a bit of bong cleaner, you can reach the whole inside of the bong and make it look like new every time you clean it. Who doesn't like a shiny bong? No more excuses to smoke from a dirty piece, because cleaning has never been easier!


About The Greenline Ice Bong 'Monkey'

  • Cheap Glass Bong
  • Height: 30 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 35 Millimeters
  • Ice Holders (Ice Bong)
  • With Kickhole / Carbhole
  • Connection: SG14 (14,5mm)
  • Greenline & Monkey Print
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