Hemp Blunts "Hemparillo" Various Flavours

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Hemparillo Hemp Blunts are the best hemp blunt wraps for sale. These royal hemp blunts are made of industrial hemp plants and are 100% free of tobacco and nicotine. They roll just like regular blunts, smoke just like regular blunts, but you’re not smoking any tobacco!

So which are better, hemp blunt vs tobacco? If you’re a cigarette-smoker, you might enjoy the nicotine in a regular blunt wrap. But as a real toker, we can’t image you’d prefer tobacco blunts over hemp wraps. People sometimes ask us; are hemp blunts bad for you? Of course smoking is never good for your health, but there is definitely a reduced health risk. If you’re interested in reading opinions on hemp wraps, simply check out this hemp blunt wraps review.

Although there are several hemp blunt wrap manufacturers such as juicy and high hemp wraps, these cheap hemp wraps by Hemparillo are by far the best choice. They taste great, smoke great, and enjoy many great reviews on the internet.

These Hemparillo Royal Hemp Blunts are available in several different flavours: Grape Blunts, OG Kush Blunts, Mango Haze and Blueberry Blunts. You can also buy “Naked” hemp blunts, with only the pure flavor of the hemp wraps. So where can I buy hemp blunts near me? Look no further: Bongify Is the #1 online smoke shop for buying hemp blunts, organic hemp papershemp wick and many other hemp products!


Hemparillo Hemp Blunts

  • One pack contains 4 Hemp Blunts
  • Contains no tobacco, only hemp
  • Burns slower than rolling papers
  • Grape, OG Kush, Mango Haze, Blueberry, Naked (Hemp)
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