How & Where To BUY WEED in Toledo (Spain)

If you want to know how & where to buy weed in Toledo (Spain), you've come to the right place: in this blog article we'll explain everything you need to know about buying weed in Toledo, the do's and don'ts, the legal status of marijuana in Spain, the prices of cannabis, and of course... where to get the good stuff!


How & where to buy weed in Toledo Spain


Is cannabis legal in Toledo, and can you legally buy weed?

Toledo is not far from the famous city of Madrid. Madrid is not just famous for its magnificent architecture, good food, and historical things to see; the city is also well-known throughout Europe as a place where you can easily find good weed at good prices. Toledo has a much smaller population and is famous for its rich history of war and for producing high-grade weapons such as swords and knives.

Nonetheless, the laws are the same: cannabis is not legal in Spain, but it's decriminalized for personal use. Even recreational weed. This basically means that you can possess and smoke cannabis on your own (private) property, but the police can fine you if they catch you smoking on the streets.

That doesn't make smoking on the streets any less common though, just be sure to do it inconspicuously if you don't mind the risk of getting a ticket. It's even legal (depending on the circumstances) to grow your own weed in Spain! You don't want the police to catch you with large quantities of marijuana, though, because that may be seen as intent to sell or traffic marijuana, which is HIGHLY ILLEGAL. To sum it up: don't worry about smoking a joint in your house (as long as you don't cause any nuisance to your neighbours with the smell), but carrying larger quantities or selling is not allowed and you can be punished severely. Regulations vary by region, but as a tourist smoking a joint you're unlikely to have any issues.

Oh, and please remember: NEVER take cannabis with you from Spain back to your own country if you live abroad, and also never bring your own weed to Spain. You're risking drug trafficking charges, and this is not worth the risk. Please just take our advice on this one.


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Can you buy weed in Toledo, Spain?

In short: yes, you can buy weed in Toledo, Spain. But: weed seems hard to find in Toledo. There are no dealers on the street or available everywhere like in Madrid. Madrid is a much better place for tourists to get some good weed. Even searching for Weedmaps Toledo will not do you much good. That doesn't mean that it's impossible to buy weed in Toledo, though. There are dealers everywhere around the world, and there's other ways of getting some bud as well. Did you know there's even a Toledo weed strain? There must be some weed for sale in Toledo! Read on and we'll explain it all.


Buying weed from (street) dealers in Toledo

To get the best weed, your best bet is to ask locals (people working in restaurants or people you see smoking/chilling on the street). The local smokers always know best where to get the high-grade stuff at a good price. It's good to know some basic Spanish words when you're asking people, to show them that you took the time to communicate properly with them. This trick works everywhere around the world, and it's often the difference between the locals helping you vs the locals ripping you off. Know the slang: in Spain, marijuana is called Maria (mari), Yerba / Hierba, Verde, and a joint is called a "porro". There are many variations to these terms, but knowing some of them will definitely help. During the busy summer times, you might want to check out the busy touristic spots in the city to find someone selling on the streets without asking locals or people smoking/chilling on the street.


Buying weed from cannabis clubs in Toledo (private clubs)

Cannabis clubs are not openly advertised and you cannot become a member (at least, not easily) as a tourist or visitor. If you want to join a cannabis club in Toledo, the same applies: ask the locals for advice, because these things change incredibly fast (the location of clubs, the specific local laws, etc.) so it's hard to keep up if you don't live nearby.


Buying weed from grow shops in Toledo

There are grow shops in Toledo where you can buy cultivation equipment, but these stores don't sell weed. Very rarely they might sell CBD weed (or real marijuana under the counter), but these people are often quite well connected. Just like asking the local people where to get some weed, the people working in a grow shop might also be able to help you find "a guy who knows a guy".


Buying weed from legal marijuana stores in Toledo (CBD shops)

If you can't find any THC-weed, you can simply go to the Cannabis Store Amsterdam branch in Toledo, where you can buy CBD weed, CBD hash and many other cool weed-related things (like the many legal weed stores in Madrid or legal weed stores in Tenerife). We were only able to find one weed shop in Toledo (Cannabis Store Amsterdam located at Plaza San Nicolás, 1, 45001 Toledo), but chances are that at the time you're reading this, a new shop has opened its doors. Things are changing fast in this business!


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The prices of weed: how much does cannabis cost in Toledo, Spain?

Expect to pay about €5-€8 per gram when buying from dealers, and slightly more from legal cannabis stores. The prices are the same as in other parts of Spain, but be prepared to pay a little more at times, because dealers may be a little harder to find than in the big cities where they have more competition from clubs and other dealers.


Buying weed grinders, rolling papers, pipes, bongs, and other smoking accessories in Toledo

In case you mix your weed with tobacco, or if you're looking for rolling papers, grinders or other smoking accessories, you can go by one of the Tabacos stores throughout Toledo. However, you won't find high-end smoking gear such as luxurious grinders, cool rolling trays, bongs and dab rigs / oil rigs in Toledo. Instead, just order online from our smoke shop and your package will be with you within a few days!

There are various Tabacos store in Toledo. We found two of them, as you can see in the pictures below. The first picture was taken at the Tabacos store next to Olive & Co at Pl. Solarejo, 8, 45001. The second picture displays the Tabacos store at C. Armas, 9, Toledo.


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Baked Toledo Sightseeing

Once you've found your "mari" (we sure hope you did!), it's time to take a stroll through the town. Toledo has many beautiful things to see, such as the Cathedral at the central square (next to the town hall), the ancient Roman walls (not all parts of the walls were made by the Romans, but they built the first parts. After that, parts of the walls were destroyed and other parts added by the Visigoths and the Arabs/Muslims, among others). But even if you're not a big fan of history and architecture, there's lots of things to do in Toledo: beautiful views from the higher parts of the mountain, a mix of many modern and traditional stores in the centre, fantastic restaurants, an ancient Roman horse race site and the beautiful nature surrounding the town.


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