Möbius Bong For Oil / Wax / Dabs (by Blaze Glass)

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The Möbius Bong For Oil / Wax / Dabs by Blaze Glass is a fantastic "oil rig" for dabbing cannabis concentrates.

This Möbius Bong by Blaze Glass is equipped with a built-in Möbius Percolator, that got it's name from the resemblance to the famous "Möbius Strip". This bong is unique in its design which makes it a true pleasure to the eye, but it also has a positive effect on the quality of the smoke. The smoke enters the bong through the fixed downstem, which has a "recycle chamber". This is where the smoke is cooled and filtered the first time, by the water that basically gets pumped around when you take a hit (hence the name "recycle"). Next, the smoke goes underneath the hollow round foot through a small smoke tube: this is a very unique design, that will be regarded by most stoners a degree of awe when they see it.

After that, the smoke enters the "Möbius" Percolator, where the smoke is once again exposed to the cooling and filtering water. In this percolator the smoke gets spread around very effectively, so that the water can do its job very well one last time. As soon as the smoke gets out of the percolator, it travels up through the bent mouthpiece, into your lungs. Experience the excellent smoke this bong provides for yourself, and we surely won't have to convince you (because the bong will). But what we can tell you, is that this is absolutely one of the best dab rigs to enjoy your precious concentrates in this price range!

The Möbius Bong for Oil, Wax and Dabs is made of the strongest and most durable borosilicate glass. This glas is often used in laboratories; so if it can withstand the chemical reactions, there is surely no need to worry about the water and smoke in your bong! The advantages of bongs made of borosilicate glass ("scientific glass", "laboratory glass") is that they are much more heat- and scratch-resistant than bongs made of "normal" glass (soft glass), and you don't have to be afraid of any signs of wear showing in the glass. If you're looking for a strong, wear-resistant dab rig, we will always recommend you to look for a borosilicate glass rig.

The German bong manufacturer Blaze Glass is famous for its fantastic bongs at relatively low prices, and this Möbius bong surely is no exception. A true Mercedes among bongs, real German quality!

We only sell genuine Blaze Glass dab rigs!


About The Möbius Bong For Oil / Wax / Dabs (by Blaze Glass):

  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass (Laboratory Glass)
  • Made by Blaze Glass
  • Colour: Transparent/Purple
  • Print: Blaze Möbius
  • Height: 25,4cm
  • Diameter: 25/75mm
  • Attachment: SG14F (14,5mm Female)
  • Equipped with Möbius Percolator
  • For Smoking Oil / Wax / Dabs
  • Without Kickhole / Airhole
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