Recycler Bongs

Recycler Bongs are a fantastic innovation in the world of bong smoking. But what exactly is a recycler bong? (No, we're not talking about bongs made from recycled glass). And what is the difference between a recycler and a bong? These questions will be answered on this page, as well as a detailed description on how to use recycle bongs, recycler bong benefits and much more. We have many different sorts and models of crazy recycler bongs for sale in our store: cheap recycler bongs, double recycler bongs, inline recycler bongs, clover recycler bongs, thick recycler bongs for flowers and recycler dab rigs, mostly by the premium German bong brand Blaze Glass. Almost all of the bongs and recyclers available here are made of strong and durable borosilicate glass (a.k.a. Laboratory Glass / Scientific Glass).

But let's say you already have a great bong. Do you need to buy a new recycler bong? Probably not! We have a large selection of external recyclers for bongs, also known as recycler precoolers. Using these external recyclers, you can upgrade your current piece into one that offers a much more pleasant smoking experience without having to buy a whole new bong!

So, are recycler bongs worth it? If you ask us, there's no doubt about it!


Recycler Bong: How It Works

How does a recycler bong work? Simple! A recycler bong has (at least) two water chambers. When the recycler bong is hit, the water is sucked up into the upper chamber where it cools the smoke a second time. After that, the water flows back through a different tube, back into the main water chamber. If you want to see a recycle bong in action, check out our YouTube channel. The definition of a recycler bong is simply "a bong in which the water is sucked up into a second water chamber before it flows back into the first chamber through a different recycler tube". But why? What is the purpose of recycler bongs? The purpose is to improve the quality of the smoke and make smoking more enjoyable. Many people are not sure how to fill a recycler bong with the correct water level, but it's really easy. Just make sure the lower chamber is at least three quarters full of water. It doesn't matter whether you have a large recycler bong, small recycler bong or even a mini recycler: they always do their job VERY well!

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