Pipe Juice Bong Cleaner: An In-Depth Review

Intro: the strawberry daiquiri your bong was waiting for

Pipe Juice is a powerful bong and pipe cleaner made with the purest Iso alcohol, fruit extracts and other ingredients. Used regularly, it helps to keep your borosilicate glass waterpipes in pristine conditions by eliminating residues even in the most intricated percolators. Pipe Juice’s powerful formula will bring back your bongs to their original factory-shine in seconds, while the added natural strawberry extracts will make the cleaning process fun and fruity.


What is Pipe Juice?

Pipe Juice is a liquid cleaning product, especially formulated to clean glass and metals from tar and resin, two of the most typical by-products of combustion. Its special formula provides a deep, spotless cleaning without damaging the glass in any way. Differently from other cleaning products on the market, Pipe Juice is non-toxic and doesn’t leave nasty residues behind. Furthermore, its bright color differentiates it from water, so you’ll always know in which jar the cleaning solution is.


What is Pipe Juice made of?

Pipe Juice blends the finest natural fruit extracts with 99.9% pure isopropyl alcohol, one of the safest and strongest solvents when it comes to removing tar and resin build ups. The fruit extracts color the solution to make it distinguishable from water, provide a sweet flavour that helps to get rid of the nasty smells from bongs and pipes, and add fun to the cleaning process. Other ingredients in the formula help to bring out the glass’ original factory shine. All the ingredients have been thoroughly selected and tested to blend the most efficient non-toxic bong cleaning product on the market.


Do I have to clean the bong?

In order to preserve their functionality, bongs have to be cleaned regularly. Basic bongs need less cleaning than advanced bong with multiple percolators, but all bongs work better when clean. In a clean bong, the smoke circulates without blockages. A clean bong will also let you see what happens inside, so you’ll always be able to monitor the smoke/vapor production and adjust your draw or flaming accordingly. Not to mention the flavour; nothing tastes better than a nice clean rip from a thoroughly-cleaned bong. The fruit extracts in Pipe Juice leave a faint fruity smell that will enhance your herbs flavour without covering it.


dirty vapocane bowl

Figure 1 - Dirty Vapocane bowl


When should I use Pipe Juice?

You can use Pipe Juice anytime you feel like your bong or waterpipe needs cleaning. Here at Bongify, we like to keep our bong and pipes sparkling-clean at all times. Clean bongs deliver the purest flavour and offer optimal filtration. In addition, clean shiny bongs simply look better in pictures!

It’s really up to you to decide how often you should clean your bong. Some people clean it after a certain number of bowls, others after a week or two, others still barely ever clean it. We believe that clean bongs are the way to go; this is why we decided to develop our own specially-formulated cleaning solution. That’s how Pipe Juice was born.

How does Pipe Juice compare to other bong cleaning products?

Pipe Juice is a superior bong cleaning solution. We use only the strongest, purest base solvent we could put our hands on, 99.9% isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl is safe, non-toxic and can be rinsed easily, while being effective on tar and resin. Rubbing alcohol and lower-grade isopropyl would also work for bong cleaning, but they tend to have other added substances and could leave nasty chemical residues in your bong.

Furthermore, Pipe Juice is brightly colored, so you don’t risk mistaking your cleaning solution with water. This is especially important if you decided to smoke a couple bowls before starting with the cleaning operations! The fruit extracts provide a fantastic smell during the cleaning, and leave just a slight strawberry note that will linger for the first couple of bowls you smoke after cleaning the bong. The fruity notes do not mask the natural flavour of your herbs, they simply enhance it. Other ingredients in Pipe Juice are intended to provide a little extra sparkle to your glassware.


Where can I use Pipe Juice?

Pipe Juice is specifically designed for glass bongs, waterpipes, dab rigs and nectar collectors. It can be used to clean the most intricated percolator systems, your bowls and bangers, and also a variety of other smoking accessories. Let’s see the main ones:

Waterpipes and bongs

No matter how dirty your waterpipes and bongs are, Pipe Juice will bring them back to factory shine. Pipe Juice effectively removes tarry residues from smoking, as well as reclaim from dabbing and vaporizing. It can also be used with silicon bongs.


dirty bong

Figure 2 - A bong after several dabs



Honeycomb, in-line, drum percolators. They all offer amazing cooling and a smooth smoking experience, but can get easily clogged with residue. Pipe Juice will melt through all that sticky residue that clogs your percolators and prevents them from being efficient.

Ash catchers

Ash catchers can help you keeping your bong cleaner, but tend to get dirty quite fast with ash, tar and residue. The advantage of using an ash catcher is that you’ll need much less cleaning solution compared to cleaning a full-size bong.


Grinders tend to get sticky and dirty with use. This is due to the resin glands sticking to the walls of the grinder. A dirty grinder is not so efficient and will catch even more resin glands compared to a clean one. You can use Pipe Juice to clean your aluminium and steel grinders quickly and efficiently; just use a small brush or a toothbrush dipped in Pipe Juice, then rinse thoroughly.

Dabbing tools

Dabbing tools are typically made of glass, steel or titanium. You can use Pipe Juice to clean them after each use, or simply whenever you wish to remove some of the spent oils from them. Just leave the dirty tip of the dabbing tool immersed in Pipe Juice for a minute or so, then clean with a paper towel.

Dabbing bangers

Dabbing bangers are made of quartz or borosilicate glass. To perform well, they need to be kept clean at all times. While between one dab and the next you can wipe the banger clean simply with a q-tip, you’ll want to clean it thoroughly at the end of the session. Just immerse the banger in a little jar with Pipe Juice, close the jar and leave the banger there. Before the next use, take the banger from the jar, rub it with a paper towel, rinse it under running water and dry it. It will be like new and ready for another dabbing session.

Screens and stainless-steel parts

All those little screens and stainless-steel parts can live a second life thanks to Pipe Juice. Soak your screens overnight in Pipe Juice, then scrub them clean with a toothbrush on the next day and they’ll be like new.

Aluminium parts

Pipe Juice works with aluminium parts such as vaporizer screens, bong bowls, bong downstems. Use a Pipe Juice-soaked pipe cleaner to scrub the inside of your glass and aluminium downstems, then rinse with running water and let dry.

Titanium parts

Pipe Juice removes tarry residues and oils from titanium parts without removing the anodization. Soak your titanium parts in Pipe Juice for a few minutes, then scrub with pipe cleaners and toothbrush, rinse under running water. Let air dry before use.

Silicon jars and containers

Pipe Juice is effective on silicon jars and containers. It will remove sticky residues while not damaging the silicon. Rinse with running water and let dry before use. 


Can I reutilize Pipe Juice more than one time?

If your bong or waterpipe wasn’t too dirty when you cleaned it, you can save the Pipe Juice you used to clean it and reutilize it another time, for example to clean the bowl (which is usually dirtier than the bong itself) or screens. Depending on how dirty the bong was, Pipe Juice could be saturated with oils, hence not so effective. If this happens, throw the dirty Pipe Juice away and repeat the cleaning process with fresh Pipe Juice. If you love that fruity strawberry undertone, then change Pipe Juice on each cleaning.


Why should I use Pipe Juice?

Pipe Juice is especially designed to be compatible with borosilicate glass, soft glass, and a variety of materials typically used in bongs. Its formula is designed by stoners for stoners, taking into considerations all the aspects related to bong cleaning. Pipe Juice offers strong cleaning capabilities while at the same time being tolerated well by the skin. It can be rinsed effectively and will leave no residues behind. In minutes, you can restore factory shine on all your bongs with just a few squirts of Pipe Juice.


How to use Pipe Juice

Using Pipe Juice is very easy. Just follow the instructions below to perfectly clean your bongs and waterpipes.


set for vaping through water

Figure 3 - A vaping-through-water set ready for cleaning


How to use Pipe Juice:

  1. Decide how much Pipe Juice to use depending on the bong size. In general, a quantity equivalent to approximately ¾ of the amount of water you’d put in the bong will do.
  2. Pour the Pipe Juice in the bong
  3. Let Pipe Juice rest in the bong for 5 minutes or so
  4. Close the bong’s opening with plugs, tape, or with your fingers
  5. Swish Pipe Juice around for a couple of minutes, making sure it reaches every corner of the bong
  6. If there’s persistent residue in the bong, add a spoon of coarse-grain salt and swish around
  7. Remove the dirty Pipe Juice from the bong
  8. Rinse the bong under running water
  9. Dry with a towel the excess water, then let air dry
  10. Enjoy a fresh bong!


soaking glass in pipe juice

Figure 4 - Soaking the parts in Pipe Juice


pipe juice for soaking the bong

Figure 5 - Letting Pipe Juice sit in the bong for a while


clean and shiny bong

Figure 6 - The final result. All shiny and clean


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