We offer many different smoking pipes at Bongify aside from our collection of bongs. Here you'll find the best hand pipes, spoon pipes, glass pipes, gandalf pipes and many other sorts of pipes. Whether you're looking to buy high-end luxury smoking pipes or just cheap pipes, there's a good chance that we have what you are looking for! No more looking for pipe shops near me or expensive headshops in your area, because Bongify is here to serve you better than our competitors. Besides our collection of regular smoking pipes and specials such as mug pipes, we also have many diffuser pipes and accessories such as pipe reducers, pipe screens, vape pipes, pipe uncloggers, pipe connectors, pipe stands, pipe pliers and pipe cleaners. For the ones who are planning to smoke oil or dabs in their pipe, we sell pipe nails and dab tools as well. We offer only the finest pipe art by the most well-known manufacturers and brands such as Black Leaf, Blaze Glass, Grace Glass, Bio Hazard and many more, as well as cheaper pipes for the ones looking for smoking pipes under €10. 

The pipes in our collection are made of different materials. If you're looking for a pipe that delivers the best possible smoking experience, you might want to consider a glass, ceramic or soapstone pipe. But we also have wooden pipes and acrylic pipes available for the ones who are looking for something a bit more humble. That's not to say that wooden pipes are any less good, it really depends on your personal preference. So if you're looking to buy a pipe for tobacco or cannabis, pipe it up and order your piece directly at Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist of Europe!

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