Plastic vs. Glass Bong: Which Is Best?

Whereas in the 70's there was only "the bong", nowadays there are hundreds of different models of bongs with their own characteristics and advantages. In this article we'll discuss the subject of Plastic vs. Glass Bong: Which is best? And why?

AK-47 bong

Plastic Bongs

Although less popular than previously, plastic bongs are still immensely popular. But why? What makes plastic bongs so good?

The popularity of plastic bongs has various reasons. First of all, plastic is inexpensive, making it possible for anyone to afford a plastic bong. Plastic is also easy to process, making it very suitable for mass production. This way, many bongs are made simultaneously, keeping the costs down. So one big advantage of plastic bongs is that they are cheap: you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Another advantage is that (thick) plastic is very strong. People who treat their plastic bong with a little care, will enjoy it for many years to come.

A disadvantage of plastic bongs is that they are harder to clean than glass bongs. The tar and ashes that are filtered out of the smoke by the water can stick to the plastic wall on the inside of the smoke chamber. This is quite hard to keep clean, making a plastic bong often less hygienic and less pleasant to smoke from. There is a solution to this, however: Limpuro Tar Blocker, available at Bongify.

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs tend to be a lot more fragile than plastic bongs. Although there are various bongs with glass of a centimeter thick available that weigh more than two kilos, there's always the chance of a small piece breaking or cracking when you accidentally hit the bong against something of a hard material.

Still, glass bongs have enormous advantages over plastic bongs. Glass has or omits no odor or scent, thanks to which the pure flavour and aroma of your herbs can be enjoyed to the fullest. A glass bong is also easy to keep clean with some bong cleaner and a brush, making your bong look like new time and time again.

Blaze Glass BongGlass bongs also tend to have a glass downstem and bowl. This is more durable than a metal downstem with a rubber seal, although it will break easier when taking it out of the bong. You can also equip almost all glass with many different bowls, downstems, adapters, pre-coolers, ash catchers and other accessories such as oil bowls (dabbing bangers) and other dab tools very easily. This changes your simple bong into an advanced weed machine.

Glass bongs often also have certain additions or extra features that make the smoking experience more enjoyable. Take for example the HoneyComb bong, a bong with a honeycomb-diffuser that ensures better cooling and filtration of the smoke: giving you a silky-smooth bong hit with (almost) no coughing.

Plastic Bongs vs. Glass Bongs: Conclusion

Plastic bongs and glass bongs are both very popular. The differences are clear: for a simple, cheap bong, plastic is the ideal material. These bongs are also very durable and won't break easily.

The advantages of glass bongs are obvious: Glass gives a much better smoking experience than plastic, but is a little more vulnerable. It also gives you many more options for upgrades thanks to the universal attachments. If you treat your glass bong well, it will last for many years and give you countless hours of smoking fun.

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