'Quartz' Dabbing Banger 90° Angle with Pod

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This 'Quartz' Dabbing Banger 90° Angle with Pod is a dab banger of exceptional quality. The banger is made by the German bong manufacturer Blaze Glass, and is suitable for 14,5mm (SG14) bongs and dab rigs with a male bowl attachment. This banger allows you to enjoy the pure flavour of cannabis extracts and concentrates, known as BHO, budder, shatter, honey, wax (among many other names). Because this banger is made of high quality Quartz glass, this dabber banger is extremely durable, strong, and both heat- and scratch-resistant. Quartz glass is perhaps the best material for dabbing, and is much more durable than borosilicate glass. Another advantage is that Quartz keeps the heat better and longer, which is very handy, because a dab nail or bowl shouldn't cool down too rapidly. But the most important fact is that Quartz glass shows almost no thermal expansion and no thermal shock damage. The result: signs of wear are not to be expected, and you can use this banger day in day out for years without any damage or wear! Quartz also handles impact damage better than other types of glass, meaning that it doesn't break quickly when dropped accidentally.

How To Use This Dabbing Banger

This oil banger is very easy to use, and can be heated in two different ways. The traditional way of heating a Quartz banger for dabbing is by heating it with a torch lighter / jet lighter until it glows red hot, and letting it cool down to the perfect temperature for dabbing. But this dabbing banger can also be heated electrically with a so-called "heating spiral", keeping both your hands free during dabbing! A heating spiral may be incredibly handy, but of course, a regular torch lighter will do the trick just as well as a heating spiral! When the banger reaches the perfect dabbing temperature, "dab" your concentrate, close it off with a carb cap and inhale the developing clouds of goodness!

Do NOT heat the standard grinding attachment, only heat the "oil pan" to prevent damage!

About The 'Quartz' Dabbing Banger 90° Angle with Pod

  • 'Quartz' Dabbing Banger for Bongs
  • Made of Quartz Glass
  • For Male SG14 (14,5mm) Bongs / Adapters
  • 90 Degree Angle
  • For BHO (Oil), Budder, Wax, Extracts
  • Suitable for E-nail Heating Spiral
  • Made by Blaze Glass
  • Nearly no signs of wear from heating
  • Holds heat long and well
  • Length: 7,5 centimeters
  • Very Robust And Durable
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