'Quartz' Oil Bowl with Slits 18,8mm (SG19)

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Do you like dabbing? Of course you do, who doesn't? Or perhaps you've never even tried dabbing concentrates. If that's the case, YOU SHOULD TRY NOW! Because every day from now on is wasted time, and if you haven't tried DABBING in the past years, we would argue that you have wasted your time!

Now, if you do like dabbing, like everyone else who is not a complete imbicile, you might know also that Quartz glass is the best material for dabbing. It is taste-free, very durable and heat-resistant, and easy to clean. That is the main reason why we find this 'Quartz' Oil Bowl with Slits 18,8mm (SG19) so amazing. This bowl is ALL YOU NEED to upgrade your current bong into a full DAB RIG! There are some more advantages to Quartz glass bangers and oil nails, such as the heat, which is kept very well and for a long time, which makes dabbing much easier because you can control the temperature better. And as said, signs of wear (from heavy use) that are often seen with borosilicate bangers, are not to be expected with Quartz oil nails and bowls.

So how does it work? We really shouldn't have to tell you this, but we will. Simply put the bowl on the bong, heat the oil pan with a torch lighter or jet flame lighter, let the quartz bowl cool down a little, and then "dab" the wax or concentrate onto the oil pan! Now, there is one more thing you could use to improve the dabbing, which is a carb cap dabber. By using a carb cap dabber, of which we have several different styles available, you can prevent the precious oil vapour from escaping, to make the best use of your expensive wax. No more need to buy a bong for dabs, you can simply upgrade your current piece with this Quartz oil bowl!

Attention: The oil bowl/oil nail must be heated at the pan only, otherwise the standard grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material.

About the 'Quartz' Oil Bowl with Slits 18,8mm (SG19)

  • Quartz Glass Oil Bowl
  • SG19 (18,8mm) attachment
  • With Smoke Slits (Daisy-style bowl)
  • Length: 78 millimeters
  • With QUARTZ print
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