Rasta Grinder

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With this good-looking Rasta Grinder you can easily grind or crush your dried cannabis.

The Rasta Grinder is a product made of plastic. The plastic of which this weed grinder is made, is of very high quality and incredibly durable with normal usage. The bottom of the grinder has a small store compartment, in which you can carry your papers, tips, tobacco or weed.

The Rasta Grinder (or any grinder, really) is indispensable when using cannabis, but for smoking and vaping. Thanks to its pyramid-shaped teets, you "grind" or "crush" your cannabis very effectively and easily until it's just perfect for smoking in a joint, bong or vaporizer. The transparent material makes it easy to see when your weed is ready to roll (or ready to be packed in a bowl), in contrary to metal grinders in which you cannot see the weed when grinding. 

Although many people claim that cleaning a grinder is not necessary, it is definitely not a bad idea to clean your grinder once in a while. A two-part grinder gets dirty after long-term use, which makes it turn and grind less smooth than before. For that reason we have a very effective grinder cleaner in stock, which makes it quick and easy to make any grinder look like new!


About the Rasta Grinder:

  • Plastic Weed Grinder
  • Colours: Rasta (Red, Yellow en Green)
  • Without Print
  • Two-Part (Three-Part with Lid)
  • Diameter: 60mm (6cm)
  • Height: 27mm (2,7cm)
  • Pyramid-Shaped Teeth
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