Strain Hunters Coffeeshop Amsterdam REVIEW

Today we visit the newest coffeeshop in Amsterdam, Strain Hunters Coffeeshop. Strain Hunters is a documentary series on HBO where Arjan Roskam (the owner of Green House Coffeeshop) and his crew travel the world to find some of the worlds best and rare genetics. The store opened on the 13th of September and is their first Strain Hunters coffeeshop.


Strain Hunters Coffeeshop AmsterdamStrainhunters Coffeeshop Amsterdam (Outside)


Overall Experience

Walking into the Strainhunters Coffeeshop, I was greeted by two very workers who were very kind and very knowledgeable of cannabis. Though the menu is fairly large, these workers knew each and every one of those strains and were very helpful while deciding.

The menu consists of many cannabis cup winning genetics which are labeled on the menu. I asked the bud-tender her recommended strains or other strains that I should try out. She read out a few names of strains with a quick one line explanation of why she recommends that specific strain.

Then she proceeded to take it all out and opened the containers and allowed me to smell it. Each of the containers had their distinct individual smell and look to it and felt as if I have just visited a cannabis museum.

Another recommendation for myself were strains in the Cookies section of the menu. Cookies are a US based cannabis brand; the creators of Girl Scout Cookies. Though they each have a hefty price tag of around 24 to 26 euros per gram, It is high quality weed from California.

I was told that Cookies were a must try if you visit the coffeeshop and was convinced on buying .25 grams of each strain totalling around 25 euros but being able to try each strain. Each bag was also labeled making it easy to know what’s in each ziplock bag.

The 4 strains that were recommended to me personally were:

Gary Payton - Hybrid which hits very quick with its high THC levels and has a very calming and uplifting effects. Earthy, piney smell and taste with an berry-like after taste.

Soap - Hybrid with a sweet vanilla, somewhat cereal like smell and taste. Just like other strains, are very hard hitting but much smoother with its incredible taste profile.

White Runtz - Hybrid and is a cross of Zkittlez x Gelato, both having amazing flavour. Taste was similar to a candy with its sweet and citrus profiles. A relaxing body high.

Cheetah Piss - Once again a hybrid with a rapid high. Sweet and creamy flavour. Personally felt very relaxed but feeling very creative which helped with completing some tasks.


I also picked myself up 3 strains from the regular menu, Amnesia Haze, Lemon Haze, and Super Silver Haze. All 3 of these strains are cannabis cup winners and hold up to the high expectations. When purchasing, I was told that the Super Silver Haze was one of their best batches yet, and it was. They all have unique effects and very memorable highs.

Amnesia Haze - Was told that it wasn't the best batch but was very potent and a nice trippy high

Lemon Haze - Smelling like fresh lemon slices, a very nice uplifting high

Super Silver Haze - Bred by Green House Seeds, with a great energetic long lasting high


During my visit, I purchased 5 grams of weed in total and was given a 10% discount and a plastic strain hunter grinder; a nice memorabilia to keep or to roll on the spot. Due to Covid regulations, I wasn't able to sit inside but they offered a few seats inside and has a great view of the surrounding city.


Strain Hunters Coffeeshop Menu


Strain Name

1 Gram


Kush Cake Jamaica

€ 5

Nice & Mellow

Amnesia Haze

€ 8

Heavy High

Lost Pearl

€ 9

Silber Pearl IBL

Fruit Punch

€ 12

Uplifting and Energetic

Super Silver Haze

€ 12

Triple Champion

Super Lemon Haze

€ 12.5

Ultimate Champion

Wedding Cake

€ 14

Strong US Indica

Pineapple Kush

€ 14

Tropical Minty

Hawaiian Haze

€ 15

Tropical Fruit Taste

Panama Kush

€ 16

Fruity Cross


Cookies Selection

Strain Name

1 Gram



€ 15

Cookies Fam

Snow Montana

€ 25

Very Potent Strain

Cheetah Piss

€ 25

Insane Genetics

Garry Payton

€ 26

By Powerzzzup

White Runtz

€ 34

Gelato x Zkittlez


€ 25

By Minntz




1 Gram



€ 6

Good Price/Quality

Snow Montana

€ 25

Strong and Creamy

Cheetah Piss

€ 25

Classic Hash

Garry Payton

€ 26

Gato’s Favorite

White Runtz

€ 34

Strong Indica Hash


Strainhunters Coffeeshop Weed Selection

The weed at Strainhunters Coffeeshop

White Runtz Weed

Soap Weed

Cheetah Piss Weed

Garry Payton Weed

Jack Herrer Cream Hash

Lemon Haze Strainhunters

Super Silver Haze Strainhunters

Amnesia Haze Strainhunters


Closing Remarks

Workers of the Strain Hunters Coffeeshop are great people who also knows a lot about their cannabis, and are one of the friendliest and most helpful bud tenders I know of. Though the selection is very similar to Green House Coffeeshops, they also offer a nice selection of cookies strains and is located in a different area of Amsterdam. Strain Hunters Coffeeshop is a 2-min walk from the Begijnhof, Amsterdam and is open from 8 am to 10 pm everyday of the week. And though they offer a variety of price ranges, I would love to see more deals being incorporated with special priced bundles as it would make it more popular as an everyday coffeeshop for smokers on a budget. But with great selection of flower and hash with great quality, beautiful and calming ambience I am sure to visit Strain Hunters Coffeeshop when I am in Amsterdam and will hold a special place in my heart.

More Information about Strain Hunters Coffeeshop

Address: Singel 387, 1012 WN Amsterdam

Opening Times: 8:00 - 22:00 Everyday


Strainhunters Grinder

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