The Best Bongs Under $100 (2020 Edition)

If you're looking for the best bongs under 100 dollars, you've come to the right place! On this page you'll find the top bongs under $100, including percolator bongs, beaker bongs, glass bongs, honeycomb bongs and dab rigs.


'Black Leaf' Flask Bong Ice 9mm

Black Leaf Flask Ice Bong 9mmFor the people looking for a simple, nice glass bong under $100, the Black Leaf Flask Bong Ice 9mm is a fantastic choice. Thanks to the incredibly thick glass of nearly one centimeter thick, this bong is almost unbreakable and incredibly durable.










Grace Glass 'Honey Mojito' LIMITED EDITION HoneyComb Bong (Pink)

Grace Glass 'Honey Mojito' LIMITED EDITION HoneyComb Bong

The Grace Glass Honey Mojito HoneyComb Bong is not only a real pleasure for the eye, but also for your lungs! Thanks to the incredibly effective diffusers and HoneyComb disc, the Honey Mojito bong delivers a very smooth and enjoyable smoking experience with well-filtered smoke. But that's not all! It comes with a bowl for dry herbs, but also a dome + oil nail for smoking oil and concentrates ("dabbing"). And it's a limited edition model, so be sure you grab yours before stock runs out!






Black Leaf Double HoneyComb Cylinder Bong

Black Leaf Double HoneyComb Cylinder BongThe Black Leaf Double HoneyComb Cylinder Bong is a great model for people who enjoy effective simplicity. There are TWO HoneyComb discs in this thick glass bong under $100 to cool and filter the smoke much better than most other bongs, but it also offers the possibility of adding ice cubes to the tube so you can nearly freeze your smoke. The result: less coughing, better taste, and less harmful substances (such as tar) reach your lungs! 









Black Leaf 'Bird Cage' Recycler Bong with Cage Perc

Recycler bongs are one of the most noticable innovations in the world of bongs, and this gorgeous piece is one of the best recycler bongs we have in our assortment. It's made of high quality borosilicate glass, equipped with a Cage Percolator, and comes in a beautiful gift box. So even if you're not looking for a bong under $100 for yourself but as a present, this one is definitely worth having a look at!










This futuristic looking recycler bong is equipped with both a HoneyComb Diffuser and a Drum Percolator for maximum effectiveness. The water flows up through the Drum Perc to ensure proper cooling and filtration of the smoke, after which it flows down through the diffuser tube to "recycle" the water and cool even more! 










This is just a small selection from our assortment of more than one thousand (1000!) different bongs. Be sure to check out our categories for some of our other bongs and accessories, but the ones listed above are basically guaranteed to deliver you plenty of smoking pleasure.


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