'Thug Life' Double Perculator Bong with 6-Shooter Diffuser

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The 'Thug Life' Double Perculator Bong with 6-Shooter Diffuser from the Thug Life Bong Series offers you a fantastic hit thanks to multiple levels of cooling and filtration and the possibility of adding ice cubes to cool the smoke down even further. All Thug Life bongs are made of 100% heat-proof borosilicate glass that makes the bong very durable and also scratch-resistant. 

Because the Thug Life beaker bong has a kickhole (carbhole / airhole), you don't need to lift the 18.8mm bowl (SG19) out of the bong to "clear" it and get the real bong kick. Simply plug the hole with your finger and release your finger to inhale all of the smoke. You can close off the carbhole with the included rubber plug: this makes it easier to clean the bong because you can soak it with water, but it also enables you to not use the kickhole if you prefer bongs without kickholes. There is a glass handle on the included bowl to lift it out easily without touching any hot glass. When the smoke enters the bong, it gets into the bong water and is spread through the 6-shooter diffuser downstem that goes into the lower water chamber. Because the surface area of the smoke is highly increased by the 6-shooter diffuser, the water can cool and filter the smoke very effectively, resulting in a very smooth smoke with a large part of the tar filtered out. After that, the smoke travels up through the TWO tree percolators (also filled with water), where it is cooled and filtered very well two more times. The smoke going through the comfortably finished mouthpiece into your lungs contains less impurities and is much more smooth and enjoyable to inhale.

How far should you fill this bong with water? Just pour some water through the mouthpiece until it runs down into the lower smoke chamber. The lower chamber should be filled until the slits of the 6-shooter diffuser are fully underwater. You should fill the two tree percolators as far as possible, with the "branches" almost fully underwater.

Still think the large amount of water isn't enough? Add some ice cubes to the bong through the mouthpiece to cool the smoke down even further! The ice cubes are held in place by the nodules in the glass just above the percolator. Adding ice cubes isn't really necessary, but it works very well to improve the quality of the smoke. If you are a real hardcore bong lover, it's great to know that you always have the option to upgrade it with a pre-cooler, ash catcher or a different bowl thanks to the universal SG19 (18,8mm) socket. 

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About The 'Thug Life' Double Perculator Bong with 6-Shooter Diffuser

  • Glass Beaker Bong
  • Borosilicate Glass (5mm Thick)
  • Height: 43 Centimeters
  • Bowl: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Downstem: SG29 (29,2mm)
  • Kickhole / Carbhole with Rubber Plug
  • Glass Bowl with Handle Included
  • 6-Shooter Diffuser Downstem (11cm long)
  • DOUBLE Tree Percolator
  • Ice Holders (Ice Bong)
  • Thug Life Logo
  • Colour: Black / Transparent / Gold
  • Comfortably Rounded Mouthpiece
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