'Thug Life' Triple Tower Recycler Bong

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The 'Thug Life' Triple Tower Recycler Bong combines crazy looks, extreme filtration and compactness into one captivating smoking machine made of strong borosilicate glass. With a height of only 30 centimeters, this is a medium-sized bong that will give you an incredibly smooth and luxurious smoking experience.

If you're looking for an extravagant bong that provides both a fantastic smoke and is sure to draw a lot of attention, why look any further? This Thug Life Bong with various percolators, diffusers and a recycle chamber has it all!

It's worth noting that there is enough distance between the mouthpiece and the bowl, so when you light the bong, the lighter is not too close to your face. It's these details that differentiate a high quality, well-designed bong from the cheaper ones. Another great detail is that the stable round foot is made of very thick, solid borosilicate glass. The whole bong is made of borosilicate, which makes it heat-resistant, scratch-proof and much more durable than bongs made of regular glass or "soft glass".

It is possible to upgrade the bong to achieve two things: a smoother smoke and a bong that stays cleaner for longer. By equipping it with a pre-cooler, you add an extra layer of cooling and filtration that keeps most of the tar out of your bong, which means that it doesn't get dirty as quickly. You can also add a few drops of Limpuro tar blocker for bongs to the bong water or the water in your pre-cooler to keep it even more fresh and easier to clean. But nonetheless, this bong performs more than adequately without any additions or upgrades.


About The 'Thug Life' Triple Tower Recycler Bong

  • Thug Life Bong
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Showerhead Diffuser
  • Double HoneyComb
  • Spiral Percolator
  • Recycle Chamber
  • Height: 30 Centimeters
  • Grind: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Thug Life Logo
  • Colour: Green / Transparent
  • 20mm Thick Glass Base
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