Waterfall Bong - What is it, and how to make one?

 In this blog you'll read everything there is to know about the Waterfall Bong - what is it, and how to make one? 


What is a Waterfall Bong?

A waterfall bong is a pipe that's used for smoking weed, or cannabis. It is often made of a plastic bottle, and uses water to draw smoke into the pipe. The smoke is not cooled or filtered by the water, but instead, the water is there to create a very thick, dense smoke.


Waterfall Bong

Image of Waterfall Bong (source: Wikipedia)


Waterfall Bong vs Regular Bong

A waterfall bong is a very fun way to smoke, that can get you really high, really fast. But when comparing waterfall bongs vs regular bongs, who is the winner? To us, there is no question about it: a normal bong is many times better than a waterfall bong, because the water in a waterfall bong doesn't improve the quality of the smoke, whereas the water in a normal bong does. In a normal bong, the smoke is drawn into the bong THROUGH the water. Many bongs are equipped with percolators or diffusers, and these things are only there to make the water cool and filter the smoke more effectively.

Because the water in a waterfall bong does not really cool or filter the smoke, we think that you shouldn't really call a Waterfall Bong a real bong. It works similarly, but it's not the same. 


Waterfall Bong vs Gravity Bong

The difference between a gravity bong and a waterfall bong is small, but there is a real difference. In short, a waterfall bong draws smoke into the bong by changing air pressure, just like a gravity bong does. The big difference is the way in which the air pressure changes. A gravity bong is pulled up out of the water, so a vacuum is created by moving the bong upwards. A waterfall bong has a hole through which the water in the bong flows out, resulting in a changing air pressure that draws smoke into the smoke chamber.


Make your own Waterfall Bong

Making your own Waterfall Bong is easy, fun, and very similar to making your own Gravity bong. Read our waterfall bong tutorial below!

This is what you'll need to make a Waterfall Bong:

  • Plastic Bottle
  • Aluminium Foil (or Glass Bowl)
  • Knife

The first step in making a waterfall bong is to make a small hole in the side of the plastic bottle, near the bottom. This is where the "waterfall" will be created. Then it's time to make the bowl. You can either make your own bowl out of aluminium foil / tin foil. Some people pack the plastic bottle cap in aluminium foil and punch holes in it to make a bowl to burn the herbs. If you're going to use tin foil, we recommend leaving the bottle cap aside and making a whole new "bowl" out of tin foil only, so there are no plastic fumes coming into your lungs when you heat the cap. Simply shape the foil like a bowl that fits over the bottle opening, and then punch a few small holes in the bottom of the bowl to let the smoke through.

That's basically all you need to do! Your simple waterfall bong is now ready to use. But if you do it this way, you need to plug the water hole with your finger while filling your bong with water and lighting your herbs. It's much easier to plug the hole with a bong plug or carbhole plug. That will make your life infinitely easier. Just put the plug in the bong, fill it with water and herbs, and then remove the plug as you light your bowl to fill the bong with smoke.

You inhale the smoke by taking off the bowl, and inhaling through the bottle opening at the top. Another way to inhale is to make a different hole near the top of the bong, and using a bong plug / carbhole plug to keep it airtight while the bong is drawn full of smoke.

If you want to make a huge waterfall bong, be creative and use different things instead of a water bottle. Have you considered making a waterfall bong out of a milk jug, or even a rain barrel?


Buy a waterfall bong

Even though it's very easy to make your own DIY waterfall bong, we can also see why you would want to buy a waterfall bong instead of making one yourself. Buying a waterfall bong is much easier, and there are some very high quality waterfall bongs for sale online and in some smoke shops. Below are some of the best choices if you want to buy a waterfall bong.

 One of the most popular waterfall bong brands is Infinity. You can use our Infinity waterfall bong discount code on their website, or order it directly from Bongify.

 Waterfall bong for sale

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Waterfall Bong Tips

Below are some tips to make the best use of your waterfall bong

  • Use enough herbs and enough water to create a very dense smoke
  • Use a good lighter with a strong flame to ensure good smoke development
  • Want to do it even better? Use a jug of water instead of a bottle to generate more smoke
  • Use a glass bong bowl to prevent inhaling toxic fumes from heating the plastic bottle cap
  • Use a jet flame lighter to prevent sucking in unburnt butane and causing an exploding waterfall bong
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