Rubber Plug for Bong Kick-Hole / Carb-Hole

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This Rubber Plug for Bong Kick-Hole / Carb-Hole is suitable for all bong 'Kick-Holes' with 11-12mm diameter, because the plug is hollow inside so can depress & expand well.

If you want to close off your bong kickhole (carbhole), this plug is exactly what you need. There are two main purposes for closing off the bong carbhole with this plug:

  • Use your bong (with a carbhole) without using the carbhole
  • Close off the hole to fill it with water and let it soak (for cleaning)

A carbhole, or kickhole, is a hole in the smoke chamber of a bong which lets you control the airflow with just one finger (instead of lifting up the bowl to "clear" the bong and inhale all of the smoke). Although many people prefer bongs with a carbhole, there are also many people who don't like carbholes and prefer to lift up the bowl. Unfortunately, many bongs with kickholes do not include a rubber or silicone plug to close off the hole. This kickhole plug is the perfect solution!  


About The Rubber Plug for Bong Kick-Hole / Carb-Hole

  • Plug for Kickhole / Carbhole
  • Made of Rubber
  • Diameter: Hole 11,5mm - Cap 18mm
  • For Easy Bong Cleaning
  • Or smoking bong w/o using the carbhole
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