Acryl Gas Mask Bong "Toxic Green"

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This Acryl Gas Mask Bong Toxic Green is one of the coolest ways to smoke. The gas mask can be worn with or without the bong. Are you looking for a gas mask bong for sale online? Look no further: this cheap gas mask bong is one of the best buys you'll find in any smoke shop. This oxygen mask bong is not like most regular bongs; instead of keeping the bad gases outside of the mask, it fills up with smoke completely, making you breathe nothing else but weed. So if you ask us, is a gas mask bong worth it? We think they are, but they're not the ideal choice as an everyday smoking piece. 

This gas mask bong is equipped with a metal bowl for dried herbs, and a removable bottom for easy cleaning.

Gas Mask Bong Instructions

How to use the gas mask bong? Easy: just attach the bong to the mask, put the mask on your head, fill the bowl with weed, fire it up and inhale!

Does a gas mask bong need water? The answer is quite simple: you can basically use any bong without water, but why would you? Smoking a bong rip with water makes the whole smoking experience much more pleasant than without water. So yes, you can use a gas mask bong without water, but why would you? Cleaning the gas mask bong is easy, just use some hot water and some good bong cleaning products. You can use the side valve for easy inhalation.

Check out the gas mask bong hit video to see exactly how it works.

About The Acryl Gas Mask Bong Toxic Green

  • Gas Mask Bong
  • Adjustadble Head Size
  • Bong Length: 20 cm
  • With Metal Bowl
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