Blaze Glass Oil Percolator Bong

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This Blaze Glass oil percolator bong is a beautiful dab rig / dabbing bong with an oil nail made of titanium. Titanium is a highly recommended material for dabbing thanks to it's features like strength, durability, extensibility, resistance to high temperatures and thermal shock and corrosion resistance. That is why we have several different titanium dabbing bangers in stock. The bong itself is made of high quality borosilicate glass, as well as the splash guard and the smoke scavenger. The borosilicate glass is half a centimeter thick, which is quite thick, giving this bong a level of strength and solidity you don't see very often. To prevent the oil vapor from hitting the lungs too heavily, the bong is equipped with a dome percolator. The percolator provides extra cooling and makes the smoke a lot more mild, without reducing the effect of the dabs or concentrates. The grind or fitting for the bowl is SG19F (18,8mm female), and the height of the bong is 28,8 centimeters. The universal SG19F grind allows you to easily equip the bong with a different bowl, banger or nail. Thanks to the so-called "splash guard", you don't need to worry about any water reaching your mouth while smoking. All in all, this is an amazing oil bong at a great price. Order this Blaze Glass Oil Percolator Bong directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist of Europe!

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Blaze Glass Oil Percolator Bong overview

  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass
  • Oil Bong / Oil Rig
  • UFO Percolator / dome percolator
  • Height: 288mm
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Grind: SG19F (18,8mm female)
  • 5mm thick glass
  • With splash guard
  • Titanium nail
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