"Daisy" Quartz Glass Oil Dabbing Banger (SG19F)

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The "Daisy" Quartz Glass Dabbing Banger (SG19F) is a robust oil banger made of Quartz Glass with a 90 degree angle. The banger is suitable for bongs (dab rigs) with an 18,8mm (SG19) attachment.

Quartz Glass is a very strong and heat-resistant kind of glass. Quartz is also used in watches because of its durability and scratch resistance. When quartz glass is heated, it shows very little to no thermal expansion. This makes it incredibly durable material for smoking concentrates (dabbing), with the result that there are no signs of wear to be expected after prolonged use. Quartz nails or quartz bangers often last for many years when treated normally, especially when compared to borosilicate glass bangers, Quartz bangers are much more durable and (thermal) shock resistant. Another advantage of Quartz over other materials such as borosilicate glass is that Quartz heats up very quickly and keeps the heat much better and longer, which makes dabbing and the process of getting the banger to the optimal temperature much easier.

What makes this dabbing banger special is the fact that it has a double layer oil pan with slits all around through which the vapour enters the bong. This design is enables the vapour to flow in very well, and keeps the loss of smoke to a minimum. On the inside of the bowl, oil that might be sucked into the banger is caught in the lower oil pan, so that all of the precious concentrate vaporizes efficiently and no unvaporized liquid is sucked into the rig. 

This banger can be used with a classic carb cap which prevents oil vapour from escaping. Looking for a 14,5mm (SG14) banger?

Attention: the oil nail must be heated at the pan only, otherwise the standard grinding of the bong can break in cause of the expansion of the material.

About The "Daisy" Quartz Glass Dabbing Banger (SG19F)

  • Glass Dabbing Banger
  • Made of Quartz Glass
  • Grind / Attachment: SG19F (18,8mm female)
  • Angle: 90 Degrees
  • Outer Diameter: 25mm
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