Glass Bong Diffuser Beads

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These Glass Bong Diffuser Beads are made by German bong manufacturer Black Leaf. These bong beads are made of glass and improve your smoking experience by breaking up the large smoke bubbles into many smaller bubbles. As a result of this, the surface area of the smoke touching the water is greatly increased, resulting in better cooling, less tar and unwanted particles, a better taste and most of all: a much smoother smoke. 

This container holds 570 grams of glass bong beads. The diameter of these bong pearls is 6mm. Because they are made of glass, and therefore heavy, the bong beads stay at the bottom of your bong, inside the water. This is a great, easy and cheap upgrade for all basic bongs with or without a diffuser downstem, honeycomb diffuser or percolator. The glass beads can be cleaned very easily by rinsing them with benzine or bong cleaner. A nice upgrade for your glass, stone or acrylic bong. Buy bong diffuser beads directly from the #1 online bong specialist of Europe.


About The Glass Bong Diffuser Beads

  • Bong Diffuser Beads
  • Made of Glass
  • Better cooling and filtration
  • Weight: 570 grams
  • Smoother Smoke
  • Easy to clean
  • Bong Beads Diameter: 6mm
  • Made by Black Leaf
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