Silicone BHO Wax Oil Container "Powder Box"

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The Silicone BHO Wax Oil Container "Powder Box" is a stash can for sticky extracts camouflaged as a powder box. This silicone BHO container has a hard shell made of plastic and a removable inset made of food-grade silicone from "Oil Black Leaf" for storage and protection of BHO, Wax, Shatter or other concentrates. It has a capacity of 6 milliliters and a diameter of 5.7 centimeters. 

What is BHO? BHO stands for "Butane Hash Oil", and is often used as a name for many different kinds of cannabis concentrates. These concentrates or extracts are often smoked in so-called "dab rigs", bongs for smoking cannabis oil. But these extracts are sticky, and you can't just store them in a plastic zip bag. That's why we have these little no-stick silicone containers for sale to safely stash your precious extracts.

Are you looking for bho containers for sale? Look no further: this genuine OIL Black Leaf bho oil container is probably just what you need if you're looking to stash some extracts. Perhaps you prefer our other BHO oil containers. Buy your silicone BHO storage containers directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist of Europe.

Attention: No choice of colour possible!

About The Silicone BHO Wax Oil Container "Powder Box"

  • Container for sticky extracts such as BHO, Wax, Oil
  • Made of Plastic and Food-Grade Silicone
  • Size: 57mm (diameter), 20mm (height)
  • Capacity: 6 ml
  • With "OIL Black Leaf" print
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