"Black Leaf" 4-Arm Tree-Percolator Ice Bong Amber

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This sturdy, 400mm high, glass bong has a double reinforced 'Down-Pipe' mount for the SG 19 / SG 14 'Down-Pipe' 'Diffuser-Adapter'. As the smoke travels up, it passed through a 4-Arm 'Tree-Percolator', making it swirled vigorously. This ensures optimum cooling and filtering of pollutants, which then settle in the bong. The smoke is then not so scratchy and gentle in the draft. Thanks to the Ice-Notches it can be chilled. Complete with a large amber rim SG 14 Roll-Stop' bowl.



 Print:'Black Leaf'
 Grind:SG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm)
 Wall Thickness:5mm
 Percolator:4-Arm Treepercolator
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