'Black Leaf' Hard Case Bong Transport Bag

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The 'Black Leaf' Hard Case Bong Transport Bag made by the German company Black Leaf is the perfect way to safely carry your bong or (water)pipe... in style! Almost any bong or waterpipe with a length of up to 29 centimeters fits perfectly in this bong bag.

The most important function of this bag is of course to carry your bong or waterpipe safely to wherever you want to go. Your bong or pipe is protected extremely well by the protective foam inside together with the tough hard case outside. But that's not all: your bong is safely secured by the elastic Velcro straps inside, and the mouthpiece enjoys additional protection from the extra cloth to make sure this often weak point is not exposed to anything at all. 

There is a little bag/compartment inside that can be closed with a zipper, ideal for storing small items such as bowls, bangers, screens or other bong parts. Or you could even use it to store your tobacco or herb. There are also compartments for your rolling papers and filters/tips, and three elastic loops that are perfect for storing downstems, bowls, lighters or hand pipes. And there's another Velcro strap in which grinders of all sizes fit very well. Basically, this bag allows you to carry your whole smoking collection with everything you need, safely and discreetly.

The outside of the bag is also functional. Sure, the hard case protects the contents of the bag, but perhaps more importantly: the rear-side has a flat area surrounded by slightly higher edges, making the outside of the bag a perfect rolling tray! Why buy a seperate rolling tray when this bag has a rolling tray built-in?!

If you need some more storage space, the protective foam is easily removable. Although it's designed for bongs and pipes, this bag also does a great job at protecting musical instruments or other fragile/valuable items. There's a very comfortable handle attached to carry it like a laptop bag, but it also has a metal loop which can be used to attach a carrying strap to carry it over your shoulder. The bag itself is lightweight but very strong, and can easily last for many years.

Bongify only sells GENUINE Black Leaf bong bags!


About The 'Black Leaf' Hard Case Bong Transport Bag

  • Bag for Bongs/Pipes (up to 29cm)
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Size: 360x150x110mm
  • Comes without content
  • With Black Leaf logo
  • Made of Various Materials
  • Protective Foam Inside
  • Hard Protective Outside
  • With Carrying Handle & Strap Attachment
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