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By Bongify, 29 april 2021

Weed Pizza Recipe | Making Your Own Weed Pizza (Edibles)

Making Your Own Weed Pizza

Weed Pizza, happy pizza or space pizza is a delicious dish and a fantastic way to get really high. Pizza in itself is already great, and with a little extra cannabis it really makes your day. On this page you can learn exactly how to make your own weed pizza!


Baking a weed pizza

Weed PizzaThere are basically three ways to make a weed pizza. You can simply throw some weed on a pizza, or make it a little more professional; using weed oil! You can also prepare your own pizza dough with some weed oil (THC oil) or crumbled cannabis inside. The following applies for the dosage: always be careful, and use a maximum of half a gram of weed per person. Less than half a gram if you're using hash. Eating cannabis has a strong and long-lasting effect, so always start with small portions!


1. Weed on a pizza

The quickest and easiest way to make a happy pizza, or a pizza with weed, is by making a pizza like you normally would. You can also order or buy one from the local pizzeria (pizza parlor). In this case, we will assume that you're making a frozen pizza in the oven. Bake the pizza like you normally would, at about 180 to 200 degrees (Celsius). When the pizza is almost done, take it out of the oven and lower the temperature to about 110 degrees. Then sprinkle your crumbled weed on the pizza, and for a good result throw on some extra cheese and maybe even some Italian herbs such as oregano. Let the pizza bake in the oven for about two or three minutes more, and your weed pizza is done!

When you buy a pizza from the local pizzeria, the last steps remain the same. Put some weed on the pizza, throw on some extra cheese and bake it for a few more minutes at about 120 degrees Celsius. It really couldn't be easier!


2. Weed oil or hash oil on a pizza

When you have cannabis oil at your disposal, you can make a weed pizza in several different ways. One of the best methods is to make a sauce with the cannabinoids in it, or by sprinkling some weed oil or hash oil on a pizza. You can also make a weed pizza by incorporating the oil into the pizza ingredients. For example, you can even work it into the dough.

Make sure that you do not use too high a temperature to bake the pizza with this method, because the cannabinoids will be lost and all the work will be in vain. Bake at a maximum of 120 degrees Celsius to prevent your active ingredients from evaporating or burning.


3. Making pizza dough with weed(oil)

The third way is the most labour-intensive, but if you enjoy cooking it's definitely worth your the effort. You can make this weed pizza exactly the way you like it, and you're not going to get it any fresher than this. We're not going to write a whole recipe for pizza dough here, because those have already been written. Instead, we'll explain how you can give this recipe a twist to make it into a real cannabis pizza. There's basically two ways to do it: making pizza dough with weed oil instead of the normal olive oil, or just mixing your crumbled herb in with the pizza dough. You may have expected us to talk about weed butter, but a pizza isn't made with butter, so we simply replace it by weed oil. If you prefer making it without oil, then grind the desired amount of cannabis and knead it through the dough, spreading it evenly. Make and top the pizza to your taste and bake it in the oven. Again, don't bake it too hot to maintain the effectiveness of your cannabis.


Good luck preparing your own weed pizza!

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