'Bong Spear' Bong Maker

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The 'Bong Spear' Bong Maker is perhaps the greatest invention of the century: it allows you to make your own bong in under 5 seconds! So how does it work? Simply pierce the bong spear through the side of any plastic bottle, and there you have it: your own homemade bong! Of course, this brings more possibilities: you can make a melon bong, apple bong, or perhaps even a coconut bong. In fact, you can make a bong out of nearly ANYTHING with the bong spear! 

The bong spear is made by the German bong manufacturer Black Leaf. Thanks to the material of which it is made (stainless steel and aluminium), it is incredibly durable, and will easily last for a very very long time.

One feature that really sets the Bong Spear apart from other "make your own bong"-products, is that it has diffuser slits. So your homemade bong even has a DIFFUSER DOWNSTEM! Isn't that crazy? If you don't know what a diffuser downstem is, or does: it increases the swirling of the smoke and diffuses the smoke through the water, so that the water in the bong can do its job much better. The result: a much cooler, smoother and less scratchy smoke! With this innovative product, you can make bongs that perform better than some €100 bongs out there, all you need to do is use your imagination. 

You can also make your own bong with the Uni-Bong.


About The 'Bong Spear' Bong Maker

  • Make your own bong!
  • Made of Stainless Steel and Aluminium
  • Length: 17 Centimeters
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