'Uni-Bong' Bong Maker

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Making your own bong has never been as easy as with the 'Uni-Bong' Bong Maker. With this fantastic invention, you can make your own bong within 5 seconds, wherever you are, out of a plastic bottle!

The Uni-Bong consists of a plastic mouthpiece that fits on nearly any commercial plastic bottle, and a downstem and bowl (also called a "chillum") made of borosilicate glass. How does it work? Simple: fill the bottle with some water, or any other liquid (such as Ice Tea, Cola, or alcohol beverages... anything is possible!), twist the Uni-Bong adapter onto the bottle, stick the glass downstem and bowl into the plastic adapter, and you're ready to smoke from your homemade DIY bong! You can choose whether you want a bong with or without a carbhole (or "kickhole", air-hole), by simply poking a hole in the side of the bottle!

The Uni-Bong is perfect for festivals, picknicks, and other outdoor-activities. But it's also a great way to quickly make a good bong for people who can't keep a bong in their house or room. After use, you can simply throw the bottle away (or recycle it, of course...) and make a new bong! With this fact comes the advantage that you'll never have to clean your bong again: simply throw it away and make a new one the next time!

A different way of making your own bong is the bong spear.


About The 'Uni-Bong' Bong Maker

  • Make your own bong!
  • Material: Plastic / Borosilicate Glass
  • Length: 16 centimeters
  • Logo: Uni-Bong
  • Colour: Transparent
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