Coffeeshop Fly High in The Hague (Den Haag)

Today we visit the discreetly hidden shop on Rijswijkseweg, Coffeeshop Fly High in The Hague (Den Haag). A popular choice for the locals in that area of the city.


Coffeeshop Fly High The Hague (Den Haag)

Coffeeshop Fly High


Review and Overall Experience

The second closest coffeeshop from my house, a strong contender to becoming my main coffeeshop, Coffeeshop Fly High is a busy coffeeshop at all times due to its popularity within the locals. A cozy interior with candles around the place, a long row of 50 inch TVs are places listing their menu.



As I run low on weed, I open my computer to search for "cannabis store near me". My top recommendation is "Fly High" and shows that is a 6 minute bike ride away from my place.

My roommate and I start walking towards the coffeeshop, and arrive within 15 minutes. I immediately noticed it as I saw a queue with 3 people on an rather empty road.

I enter and I am greeted by a budtender asking me what I wanted. As I couldn't decide on a specific strain, I asked her recommended flower. She immediately told me the AMG Haze was their best. So I asked for 2 grams and reached for my wallet.

Then I noticed the Cali X Kush sign on the glass panel. I asked about the Cali Kush and she reached out for it and asked if I wanted to smell it. It was a very spicy and herb like smell. I asked if the AMG or Cali was better, she ;a professional business woman that she is, says the 20 Euro a gram Cali was better. She even offered to change it for the 2 grams of AMG. I accepted her offer and she reached out for a plastic container with a single bud of Cali, and a pack of rolling papers.

It felt like as if I just bought an iPhone, we walk back home and I grind it all up as today, our new roommate has just moved in. It was time for celebration so the whole gram went into my grinder, and a good fat joint was rolled.

It was definitely good weed, the rather than just buying a usual gram, this was more the memories that came with it. The bud actually weighing 1.17 grams, getting a cute container for the bud, and the free pack of papers, all made the experience factor of the coffeeshop amazing.


Coffeeshop Fly High - more than 1 gram!

Coffeeshop Fly High - Cali x Kush



The inside of the coffeeshop is rather small, no area to sit, no area to smoke, but is filled with vending machines for tobacco, acrylic grinders, cones, and papers. In time of need you could come here and have every gear required to roll a joint, or buy a preroll as they offer a wide range of spliffs including hash and pure joints. They even offer a deal for a pack of 3 pre-rolls.

I especially find this store my favorite as they offer lower price points if you buy in large quantities. If a 4.7 gram bag of Amnesia Haze is 40 euros, it's 8.5 euros a gram. It means you won't be needing to make your weed runs more often and buying it at a lower price point.


2nd Experience

On my second visit, I decided to buy a bag of 4.7 grams of Amnesia Haze. A great deal that I knew I had to write about. The bag had quite a few large buds in it and definitely saw the trichomes that were formed on the flower.

Though it was weighed lower than it should've, the smell and the touch of the bud made me forget about it. It was sticky and it peppery, spicy, citrusy scent was something to die for.

After rolling it in the Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers now available at, I felt the intense high on the third puff as I started coughing rigorously. This was strong. It also is my biggest recommendation next to the multiple award winning AMG Haze. Though the Cali X Kush is a great experience, if you're looking to get high, definitely get either rather than the Cali.


Coffeeshop Fly High: Menu


Coffeeshop Fly High Menu


Strain Name

Price /g

Special Deals

Amnesia Haze

€ 10

4.7g for € 40

Silver Haze

€ 10


AMG Haze

€ 13


Dyna Haze

€ 12


White Widow

€ 10



€ 10



0.8g € 7



1.8g €10




Coffeeshop Fly High: Overall opinion

It's an amazing, must-go coffeeshop if in the area as they offer all the essential smoking gear, and a small, but great selection of Weed, Hash, and Pre-Rolls all at a great price point and with deals for 5 grams packs. A very strong 4-star performance. Only if they offered a bit more variety in terms of Indica or Indica-dominant hybrids, and smoking gears such as bongs and metal grinders it would have been an easy 5 star rating for me.


More Information

Address: Rijswijkseweg 229 2516 HD Den Haag


Coffeeshop Fly High Den Haag joint

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