'Quartz' Oil Dabbing Banger 'Daisy' SG14F (14mm female)

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The 'Quartz' Oil Dabbing Banger 'Daisy' SG14F (14mm female) is one of the easiest ways of smoking cannabis concentrates, or "dabbing". With this simple Quartz banger, you can turn your regular bong with a male connection into a true dab rig. This dabbing banger is also a great replacement for your oil nail + dome. Why still smoke with an old-fashion nail and dome, when you can use a modern dabbing banger like everyone else?

Because this oil dabbing banger is made of the best Quartz glass, this banger is incredibly durable and easily lasts for hundreds or even thousands of "dabs". Quartz glass is much stronger and more durable than borosilicate glass. Signs of wear that occur with borosilicate bangers are not to be expected.

This banger is slightly different from most "regular" dabbing bangers, because of the way the oil pan is shaped and the vapour is drawn in through the slits around the pan instead of through one big hole. The advantage of this system is that the airflow is spread much more evenly, so that the smoke is drawn in better on all sides of the banger. Although we would recommend using a carb cap to prevent your smoke from escaping, it's not absolutely necessary. Also, should any of the concentrate get drawn into the banger through the slits, it will be caught in the hollow space between the oil pain itself and the bottom of the banger, so when it's heated again, you can enjoy the leftovers from your last dab.

How does it work? Simply heat up the oil pain with a torch lighter, take your concentrate with a dabber tool and "dab" it onto the hot oil pain. The smoke will start to develop, and you can use a carb cap to prevent it from escaping. Now inhale slowly to draw the smoke into the dab rig and into your lungs! 

We only sell genuine Quartz Glass Dabbing Bangers

Attention: The oil nail must be heated at the pan only, otherwise the standard grinding of the bong can break in cause of the expansion of the material.


About The 'Quartz' Oil Dabbing Banger 'Daisy' SG14F (14mm female)

  • Oil Dabbing Banger
  • Made of Quartz Glass
  • Grind / Connection: SG14F (14,5mm female)
  • Length: 75mm
  • Diameter: 12mm (outside)
  • Angle: 90°
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