RAW French Fries Rolling Tray (Small/Large)

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The RAW French Fries Rolling Tray is an extremely stylish metal tray made of robust metal with intense colours. RAW® rolling trays have a super-smooth non-sticking surface. Because this tray looks so nice and has a fairly inconspicuous yet expressive french fries design, you can also use it as a food tray for in your car (McDrive) or at home!

RAW is one of the most innovative stoner brands in the world, and these colourful rolling trays are a great example of their creative genius. Of course we at Bongify have all essential RAW products such as rolling papers for sale, but we also have many other RAW rolling trays in stock, such as the RAW doughnut rolling tray.

How to clean the RAW rolling tray? Simple! Even though the rolling tray doesn't really get dirty thanks to the non-stick coating, it's still a good idea to clean your rolling tray once in a while. This can be done using various cleaning solutions, but don't use any sharp or abrasive objects to clean the rolling tray in order to prevent damaging the beautiful print. Instead, simply use some Black Leaf Bio Cleaner with a soft brush or a microfibre cloth, and your rolling tray will look like new in just a few seconds!

✔️ Non-stick coating

✔️ Stable metal

✔️ Colourful print

We only sell GENUINE RAW rolling trays! RAW®-certificate of RAWTHENTICITY included.

About The RAW French Fries Rolling Tray (Small/Large)

  • RAW Rolling Tray
  • Made of Metal
  • Design: French Fries (with RAW logo)
  • Large or Small Size
  • Small: 275x175x25mm
  • Large: 340x275x27mm
  • RAW®-certificate Included
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