'Rosin Tech' Filter Bags 30μm (OIL Black Leaf)

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These 'Rosin Tech' Filter Bags 30μm (OIL Black Leaf) are perfect for making your own Rosin (solventless hash oil extraction with a heated press). How does it work? Simple! Just pack your buds, pollen or other plant material into the bag, put the bag in parchment paper, put it in a rosin press and apply strong pressure at a temperature from ca. 165°C to 180°C respectively 248°F to 356°F (depending on the plant) for a few seconds.

When you press the plant material in the heated rosin press, the oils and cannabinoids in the flower are seperated from the plant material by the rosin bags. The oil, or "concentrate" (also called "wax", "dabs") then remains on the non-stick parchment paper and on the non-stick rosin bags. Some people would claim that you can make rosin without rosin bags, and that's true, but you'll never get the same purity or quantity that you get when you use proper rosin tech bags. After the extraction is complete, simply open up the bag, remove the flower and scrape off the concentrate using a scraper or dabber tool. Now you have a cannabis concentrate that is many times stronger than the flower, ready to "dab" using a dab rig. Of course, you can also smoke it in a joint or cigarette to add some extra spice to your smoke.

One huge advantage of this method of making cannabis extracts without any solvents, is that it is much safer than other methods that use butane (or DME) for two reasons: there is no danger of explosion (because there are no flammable gases), and the concentrate contains no chemicals or other unsafe impurities. You have a pure cannabis extract without any residues or the need for a vacuum oven to "purge" it. 

These rosin bags come in different sizes for different purities and quantities. The 30μm bags give you the least pure extract, but with the highest yield. Our 120μm rosin bags give you the highest possible purity but the lowest yield. If you want the best of both worlds, you can use the 50μm bags. In some cases there are other factors that decide which bags are the best for the situation, but in most cases, all of the bags will work (more than) fine.

We also have 50μm rosin bags and 120μm rosin bags available.

The easiest and safest way to turn flower into full-fledged cannabis concentrates!


About The 'Rosin Tech' Filter Bags 30μm (OIL Black Leaf)

  • Rosin Bags for making Rosin / Solventless Extracts
  • One Pack Contains 10 Rosin Bags
  • Available in three sizes: 50x20mm (S), 110x50mm (M), 150x70mm (L)
  • Made of Heat-Resitant, Non-Stick Nylon
  • Mesh Width: 30μm
  • Made by Black Leaf
  • Robust and Re-usable
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