Silicone Bong Plug Set

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The Silicone Bong Plug Set is a must-have for every bong owner, because of two main reasons: cleaning your bong becomes radically easier (while using less bong cleaner), and you can transport your bong with the water still in it, without spilling a single drop of water!

These silicone bong hole plugs are used to close the holes in your bong: the mouthpiece hole, the carbhole (if your bong has one), and the bowl and/or downstem hole. This way, you can fill up the whole bong with water and some bong cleaner in order to let it soak and remove all dirt and tar very easily. Thanks to the included bong mouthpiece plug you can even shake the bong filled with hot water and cleaning powder for more effective cleaning of percolators and diffusers that are hard to reach with a brush. 

These are the best bong plugs available; they are exceptionally durable, heat-resistant, and will never leak like a homemade bong plug. Also, there's no need for seperate 14mm bong plug and 18mm bong plug, because there is one universal plug included that serves for both sizes. We also have seperate 14mm bong plugs and 18mm bong plugs available, as well as a seperate bong carbhole plug

Perhaps the biggest advantage of these bong plugs besides super-easy cleaning is that you don't need to let the water out of the bong before transporting it and re-fill it afterwards. Simply leave the water in the bong, plug the holes, and you're good to go! You can safely take it with you in the car (but don't smoke and drive, kids) and leave the downstem inside the bong. Also ideal for all open-air events and festivals without ban on bongs.


About The Silicone Bong Plug Set

  • Plugs for Bongs
  • For Easy Cleaning & Transportation
  • Contains 3 plugs:
  • 1x Bong Mouthpiece Plug (32-48mm)
  • 1x Bong Bowl/Downstem Plug (14mm/18mm)
  • 1x Bong Carbhole Plug
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