'Vapocane + Cane-Gun' Hand Pipe Vaporizer Set

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The 'Vapocane + Cane-Gun' Hand Pipe Vaporizer Set is a vaporizer for herbs, hashish, resins and oils. It can transform any bong into an excellent vaporizer, or, you can use the Cane Gun to use it as a vaporizer without a bong!

Instead of burning the dry plant material and creating smoke, the VapoCane only heats the substances inside without burning them. The advantages: a much better taste (the taste is very similar to the smell of your unburned herbs), (almost) no toxic substances in your lungs (such as tar and carbon monoxide), and you enjoy your herbs in the most efficient way possible! You can inhale all active ingrediënts, such as cannabinoids, without burning them! The package contains a Vapocane, Cane-Gun glass pipe, an adapter with standard grinding 14,5/18,8mm, 5 arched steel filters of the brand Black Leaf for plants, 3 fine screens made of steel for resins and oils and a user manual in DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, RU, JA.

There's two ways to heat the Vapocane: directly and indirectly. By holding the flame of your torch lighter at the tip of the VapoCane and sucking the heat from the flame in (for at least 5 seconds), you can heat your herbs, hashish or extracts directly. This is a very effective way of heating, and by inhaling slower you can increase the temperature. After a bit of practice, the whistling sound from the torch lighter flame going into the vapocane will be an indication of how hot you're vaporizing. The second way to heat the VapoCane is indirectly. This is done by heating the side of the vaporizer, for 30 to 60 seconds, before inhaling. This way you're not using a flame to directly heat the air going into the vaporizer, but you're using the glass as a heating element for your herbs. The density and flavour of the vapour will let you know if you're underheating or overheating the Vapocane. One advantage of heating indirectly is that you can be sure of a 100% butane-free taste! There's three factors that influence the quality and quantity of the vapour: the strength of the flame, the speed of inhalation and the duration of inhalation. Inhale low density but tasty vapour or huge vapour clouds, it’s up to you!

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About The 'Vapocane + Cane-Gun' Hand Pipe Vaporizer Set

  • VapoCane Hand Vaporizer
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • SG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm)
  • 1x VapoCane Pipe Bowl
  • 5x Bowl Screens for Herbs
  • 3x Straight screens for Resins and Oils
  • 1x User Manual in DE, EN, ES, FR, IT and RU included
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