'VapoCane' 'Fusion' Bong Attachment for Vaporizing

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The 'VapoCane' 'Fusion' Bong Attachment for Vaporizing is a fantastic bong attachment that turns your water pipe into a true vaporizer! Why would you buy a vaporizer, if the VapoCane Fusion lets you enjoy the best of both worlds? The patented VapoCane Fusion fits all bongs with SG14 (14,5mm) or SG19 (18,8mm) Sure Ground connections thanks to the included bong adapter. It is made of high quality borosilicate glass, so you don't need to worry about heating the pipe frequently. Borosilicate glass is very heat-resistant and is known for its strength and durability, which is why it's used for the production of oven dishes (under the brand name Pyrex). It comes with a user manual and 5 metal pipe screens. 

How does the VapoCane Fusion work? Very simple: place one of the included bong screens into the ball bowl, put your crumbled herbs inside, and place the "pipe" on top of it. Place it on the bong, heat the top of the VapoCane with a jet flame or torch lighter, and after about 10 seconds you can start inhaling the delicious vapour! Don't have a bong, but still interested in the VapoCane? No worries, there is also a VapoCane "Cane Gun" Hand Vaporizer which you can use without a bong!

Cleaning the VapoCane Fusion is very easy. Remove the screen, and clean it with some warm water and a cleaning brush. You can clean it with some dish soap or alcohol to remove any stubborn residues.

Bongify only sells the genuine VapoCane Fusion!


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About The 'VapoCane' 'Fusion' Bong Attachment for Vaporizing

  • Turn your born into a vaporizer!
  • Made by VapoCane Collaboration
  • Grind: SG14 / SG19 (14,5mm / 18,8mm)
  • Heating: Convection with Torch
  • For Oil or Herbs: Herbs only
  • 5x Metal Bong Screen included
  • User manual included (EN, DE ES, FR, IT, JA, RU)
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