Amsterdam Ice & Percolator Beaker Bong

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The Amsterdam Ice & Percolator Beaker Bong has a very striking look thanks to the bright green colour of the glass. This bong cannot be missed!

The glass of which these Amsterdam Bongs are made is of excellent quality. Although it might not be a good idea to throw the bong around or use it as a baseball bat, it's for certain that it can easily last for many years of smoking pleasure if you treat it carefully. 

The percolator with which this bong is equipped is a real must-have for many experienced bong smokers. The tree percolator, when filled with water, makes the smoke even cooler, cleaner and therefore even refreshing to inhale. The water in the percolator (and also in the lower chamber) filters out a lot of the unwanted particles, such as tar, so that you can inhale a much smoother and even more tasty smoke!

The bong is also suitable for use with ice. There are specially designed “ice spikes” in the neck for holding the ice cubes. Using a bong with ice is especially recommended if you like very cool and smooth smoke. If even the combination of ice and the percolator is not enough for you, you might consider upgrading the bong with a diffuser downstem or precooler. A Pre-Cooler is an accessory that allows you to cool and filter the smoke even more before the smoke enters the bong, so that you can inhale it a lot more pleasantly. An additional advantage of precoolers is that the bong stays cleaner, because more impurities are left behind in the precooler.

The Ice & Percolator bong from Amsterdam Bongs is also easy to keep clean. You can do this by simply using warm tap water. But we have experienced that over time, a limescale may occur in the bong with prolonged use. For this we have a few effective cleaning products, including brushes and bong cleaners. With these cleaning products you ensure that the bong remains 100% hygienic and clean. A black layer of tar can also occur over time. But no worries! This too can be easily and quickly removed with our cleaning products; your bong is like new again!

We only sell genuine Amsterdam bongs


Over de Amsterdam IJs & Percolator Glazen beker ‘’Beaker’’ Bong:

  • Attachment: SG19F (18,8mm female)
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Height: 420mm
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Suitable for Ice (Ice Bong)
  • Shape: Beaker Bong
  • Percolator: Yes (Tree Perc)
  • Glass Colour: Lime Green/Transparent
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