Black Leaf Borosilicate HoneyComb Bubbler

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If you're looking for a simple yet effective small bubbler that has a lot of cooling power but doesn't interfere too much with the taste of your herbs or dabs, then the Black Leaf Borosilicate HoneyComb Bubbler is probably exactly what you want. With a height of only 18.2 centimeters, made of borosilicate glass, and equipped with a HoneyComb diffuser, this little baby sure packs a lot of punch.

The included bowl is for herbs and has a pull-up handle. This means that you can easily pull up the bowl using the handle to "clear the bong", or in other words, to inhale all of the smoke that's inside the bong. Because this bong has no carbhole or kickhole, you need to pull up the slide to create the "bong kick" effect. The passage is rather small with approx. 4mm. If you need a screen, a bowl screen with a diameter of 12.7mm (item no. 44 05 28) or a hanging screen with a diameter of 12mm (item no. 44 05 06) is the right choice. This small glass bong is also ideal for dabbing. Simply replace the herb bowl with an oil banger or nail, and the perfect dab rig is ready. And of course, it also works perfectly together with a vaporizer such as the DynaVap.

Even though this is a small pipe with an attractive price, you can still expect the usual German quality that Black Leaf has to offer. Made of the finest borosilicate glass for maximum durability and protection against scratches, and the overall finishing and attention to detail that we've come to expect from proper bongs and glassware in 2022.

Why would you want such a small bong? There are some very good reasons not to want a big bong. The biggest and most important reason to choose a small bong is that the flavour of your herbs or dabs will not be impacted by the long passageways of the smoke. In other words, a small bong preserves the pure flavour and effect of your material. A small bong is also easier to clean and very easy to transport, especially using this protective bong bag. Small bongs are also more discreet and easier to hide from sight. And also quite important: small bongs often simply cost less than big bongs!


Some of the highlights of this bubbler bong:

✔️ HoneyComb for smoke cooling & filtering

✔️ Strong glass and well-made

✔️ Suitable for dabbing (separate banger or nail required)


Only buy Black Leaf bongs from authorized sellers. Some shops offer fake Black Leaf items that lack the quality that Black Leaf stands for. Bongify ONLY sells GENUINE Black Leaf bongs (and others brands).


About The Black Leaf Borosilicate HoneyComb Bubbler

  • Bubbler Bong
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
  • Equipped with HoneyComb Disc
  • Made by Black Leaf®
  • Height: 18,2 Centimeters
  • Diameter: 48 / 22 mm
  • Available in Green, Blue, and Black
  • Bowl Size: 14,5mm (SG14)
  • Without Kickhole / No Carbhole
  • With Black Leaf Logo
  • Herb Bowl Included
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