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Here you will find all our small bongs or mini bongs that you can order online. Our category of small bongs consists of bongs up to about 20 centimeters high. Our small bongs are often very elegant and have a high decorative value, but of course, you are probably buying it to smoke! Small bongs are especially interesting for people who often take their bong to friends, outdoors, or on a trip... or when it needs to be easy to hide

Small bongs have several advantages: they are easy to store and carry, but they are also easy to smoke. You don't have to inhale so much smoke at once. Perhaps the biggest advantage of small bongs is that the taste and pure aroma of your weed, hash or dabs are well preserved. Especially dab rigs are often small for this reason. In addition, they are usually easy to clean. And of course, small bongs are often very cheap! The disadvantages of small bongs are that the lighter (or hot banger) is often a bit close to your face, so you can't see where to hold the lighter. There is also less water (and/or ice) in the bong, so the cooling and filtration are often less good. In addition, small bongs are often not equipped with percolators, diffusers or honeycombs, so that the smoke is less refined. Finally, small bongs are not always suitable for expansions such as precoolers or ash catchers due to their size.

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