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By Bongify, 26 november 2021

A Complete Guide To The Perfect Vaporizer + Bong Combo

A Complete Guide To The Perfect Vaporizer + Bong Combo

Vaporizing is nowadays a well-established practice among cannabis enthusiasts. There are many undeniable advantages of vaping over smoking: improved taste, better efficiency, and lower impact on health just to name a few. Vaporizers are able to truly express their full potential when used in combination with a bong (check out this article for more information); but which are the best vaporizer and bong combinations? Read further to discover the best vape + bong combos according to our experts.


Why should I use a vaporizer in combination with a bong?

Most vaporizers are meant to work just fine even without a bong. But, in a nutshell, there’s no vaporizer that wouldn’t benefit from some water filtration. Vapour tends to be hot, dry and harsh, and can irritate sensitive throats. Water filtration works in three ways to prevent throat irritation:

  • It filters the tiny particles that make it through the vaporizer’s screen
  • It cools down the vapour to a temperature that’s comfortable to inhale
  • It moistens the vapour, making it much smoother

If you already made the big step of switching from smoking to vaping, it makes perfect sense to reduce as much as possible the impact that your habit has on health by adding a bong to your vaporizer. This way, you’ll be able to get all the goodness from cannabis, while saving your throat and lungs. Check out this article, where we explore in depth all of the advantages (and disadvantages) of vaping through water.


Electronic vaporizers plus bongs

Electronic vaporizers are practical, easy to use and deliver amazing hits packed with cannabinoids. No wonder they became so popular among the vaping community. There are hundreds of electronic vaporizers on the market; however, only a few were able to stand the test of time and make it into our list. They are the Storz and Bickel Mighty and its bigger brother, the Volcano. These vaporizers are capable of delivering great hits that are even better when filtered through water.



Portable, to some extent, and powered by a powerful rechargeable lithium battery, the Mighty is a viable option if you plan to vape at home through water or on the go. Made of high-quality materials in Germany and approved for medical use, the Mighty is sure loved by many experienced users. The Mighty works marvellously through water, and requires nothing more than an adapter to be fitted on a bong.

Accessories needed

To fit the Mighty vaporizer on a bong, you have two options:

  • Use a silicon whip: connect one end of the whip to the plastic mouthpiece, then insert the other end in the bong.
  • (Recommended) Use the special adapter (sold separately): remove the cooling unit and the mouthpiece and connect the adapter. The adapter will natively fit 14mm or 18mm female connections.

Suggested bong

We have choosen the Black Leaf Octobong as the perfect companion for the Mighty. It offers inline percolators, a wide body capable of holding a lot of water, a broad base, and a long, curved mouthpiece capable of cooling down the vapour even more. Once placed, the Mighty will sit right on top of the bong’s broad base, improving the stability.

Things to consider

  1. Shape: You need a bong that has enough space between the bong’s female connection (where the bowl would be) and the bong’s body. The Mighty is quite big and cumbersome, and could not fit some bongs.
  2. Drag: To get the best hits from a Mighty through water, you need a bong that doesn’t add drag to the already draggy Mighty hit. We do not recommend bongs with multiple honeycomb percs.
  3. Stability: The Mighty is heavy. Choose a bong with a broad, heavy base to offset the weight of the Mighty, and you are good to go.
  4. Downstem: No downstems; the Mighty needs a bong that has a 14mm or 18mm female connection.


Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano Hybrid is Storz and Bickel top-of-the-line vaporizer. Considered the apex in vaporizing technology, the Volcano is capable of delivering litres of delicious vapour in a session. While the standard Volcano was designed to work with a balloon, the Hybrid can also be used with a silicon whip. The whip makes it super easy to use your Volcano through water.

Accessories needed

You just need to make sure that the whip mouthpiece fits the female connection of your bong. If it doesn’t, try this technique: wrap a rubber band (or more) around the mouthpiece to increase its thickness, then fit it in the bong female connection.

Suggested bong

We feel that the perfect match for the Volcano Hybrid is the Galileo SteamOmeter bong by Black Leaf. Apart from its striking steampunk looks, this bong has everything it takes to handle the power delivered by the Volcano Hybrid. A large water capacity, a recycler function to make the vapour extra-smooth, a sturdy construction capable of matching the German-built vaporizer to which it’s paired.

Things to consider

  1. Shape: The Galileo by Black Leaf is heavy, solid and stable. The perfect match for a desktop vaporizer such as the Volcano Hybrid, meant to be used in the comfort of your home’s vaping station. The wide base and the extra weight provided by the metalworks result in extra stability and comfort.
  2. Function: The Volcano Hybrid is capable of producing a ton of vapour, so you’ll want a cooling system to match. The Galileo features a recycler function: a mixture of vapour and water will circulate over and over inside the bong, providing maximum cooling and moisturizing.
  3. Looks: If you own a top-of-the-line vaporizer, you’ll want a bong to match. The Galileo, in combination with the Volcano Hybrid, will transform your vaping station into a laboratory worthy of the wildest steampunk novel.



Butane vaporizers plus bongs

Butane vaporizers stand on a league of their own. Powered by a butane jet torch instead of a battery, they are capable of transferring enormous amounts of heat to the herbs, resulting in thick, dense clouds of vapour. With a butane vaporizer, it becomes even more important to condition the vapour with water. Read further to discover our favourite butane vaporizer and bong combos.


DynaVap VonG

DynaVap’s native bong vaporizer can be used without water filtration, but was designed to excel when used with a bong. In fact, VonG stands for Vaporizer on Glass. DynaVap VonG features a titanium sleeve tapered to natively fit 14mm and 10mm female bong connections, so you can use it with a wide variety of bongs.

Accessories needed

No accessory is needed apart from a good-quality butane jet lighter or, if you prefer, an induction heater. We strongly recommend using SmokeWater in the bong. Vapour is very pure and clean and will not stain your bong as fast as smoking; with SmokeWater you can almost forget about cleaning the bong.

Suggested bong

The Thugh Life Special Series pairs beautifully with DynaVap VonG. It is small and colourful, but most of all it offers a recycler function and a showerhead percolator in combination. This ensures great cooling power while maintaining the bong’s dimensions under control.

Things to consider

  1. Function: DynaVap’s construction implies short vapour paths, hence the vapour tends to be on the hot/dry side when it reaches the mouth. This is why DynaVap vaporizers benefit enormously from water filtration. We recommend a bong that offers lots of filtration and cooling power.
  2. Size: DynaVap VonGs are small and portable, and are best paired with a bong that’s not so big. Less glass means less surface on which the vapour condenses, hence more powerful, flavourful hits.
  3. Material: We wouldn’t use our DynaVap with anything less than quality borosilicate glass.


DynaVap M

The DynaVap M is DynaVap's entry level model that provides the same excellent vapour as its fancier upgrades. The body of the M features a tapered mouthpiece capable of natively fitting a 10mm connection without the need for adapters. The M simply excels through water.

Accessories needed

No accessories needed apart from a butane torch or an induction heater. Stick the M into a 10mm female bong and enjoy. if you have a different size bong, use this multifunctional bong adapter.

Suggested bong

This bong seems to be created especially for the DynaVap M. Compact, colourful, with an amazing cooling power, the Blaze Glass Diffuser and Recycler will take your DynaVap M hits to a whole new level.

Things to consider

  1. Price: The M is an entry-level vaporizer, so you’ll not want to spend a fortune on a bong either.
  2. Shape and function: The M can greatly benefit from the cooling power of water. This bong packs a lot of features in a small package: an efficient inline percolator, a recycler function, and a bent mouthpiece capable of keeping the hot tip of the vaporizer away from your face.
  3. Connection: This bong features a 10mm female connection, in which the M fits natively.


DynaVap BB6

DynaVap BB6 model is meant to be used preferably in combination with a bong. It features an all-glass body without carb hole, and fits natively in a 14mm female connection. The glass beads in the stem increase the cooling surface area.

Accessories needed

No accessories needed apart from the heat source. The BB6 through water is amazing. However, we do recommend purchasing an M alongside the BB6 as a backup. Glass is notoriously fragile and will shatter if dropped. 

Suggested bongs

The Black Leaf Hit & Dab is the perfect companion for the BB6. It features an inline percolator that is efficient in cooling and doesn’t add drag to the system, and a bent mouthpiece that keeps the hot tip of the vaporizer out of the way. The generous water capacity and the broad base make it super-stable.

Things to consider

  1. Upgrades: This bong matches perfectly with the Blaze Jet-Flash. The Jet-Flash lets a bit of cold air mix with the vapour without affecting the airflow. The air is injected via three offset holes to create a mini-tornado effect that cools down the vapour, effectively substituting the missing carb hole.
  2. Cooling power: This bong’s inline percolator works like a beast. It cools down the vapour quickly and efficiently, while allowing super-smooth rips.
  3. Versatility: This bong works perfectly with its native titanium dab nail for the occasional dab, and comes equipped with a weed bowl, just in case.


Sticky Brick Labs Flip Brick

Sticky Bricks are one-of-a-kind butane-powered machines; they are 100% on-demand convection vaporizers, which means that there are no hot surfaces in contact with the weed. The extraction process relies exclusively on hot air. The flavour profile and potency delivered by the Bricks is simply unrivalled. No other vaporizer on the market comes close! The Flip Brick is a model designed to work exclusively in combination with bongs (or J-hooks).

Accessories needed
Nothing, apart from a good butane torch. To use a Sticky Brick Flip Brick with a bong, you just have to put it in the bong’s 14mm female connection.

Suggested bong

Flip Bricks deliver super-tasty, cannabinoid-rich vapour that tends to be on the dry side. Since the airflow in a Flip Brick is almost unrestricted, we suggest pairing it with a bong that has a good water capacity and great cooling power, such as this one.

Things to consider

  1. Function: The bong we recommend in combination with the Flip Brick features advanced functionalities such as honeycomb perc, cooling spiral and recycler function, ensuring extra smooth hits.
  2. Stability: A bong with a broad base will greatly reduce the chances of spillage. Since Flip Bricks are to be considered home vaporizers, your vaping session will benefit from a bong capable of standing still on your desk.


Sticky Brick Labs Hydro Max

The Flip Brick bigger brother, the Hydro Brick Max, can be used dry or in combination with a bong. The bong can be connected directly to the Max, or via silicon whip. We recommend this last option, as it allows you more versatility in terms of bongs.

Accessories needed

The silicon whip with glass bong adapters comes included with the Max, so you don’t need anything else, apart from a butane torch.

Suggested bong

The Blaze Glass Malstrom works wonders with the Sticky Brick Max. It is made of thick, heavy borosilicate glass, has a wide base and a bent mouthpiece, so you can comfortably use it on your desk. It has a fantastic cone-perc function that cools down the smoke and, most of all, humidifies it, allowing for huge, smooth rips.

Things to consider

Function: The vapour from Sticky Bricks is rather dry. We choose this bong because of its special cone percolator, which is able to divide the vapour in thousands of tiny bubbles. This provides the maximum level of humidity in the vapour.

Stability: The Sticky Brick Max is strictly a desktop vaporizer. You’ll want to use it with a sturdy bong made of high-quality borosilicate glass such as the Blaze Malstrom.


Other upgrades

If, like us, you love clean bongs but hate cleaning them, then SmokeWater is the way to go. SmokeWater was designed right here at Bongify, after long, exhausting battles with tar and gunk. It is an all-natural product, non-toxic, flavourless and with better thermal properties than water. Vaporizers tend to be much cleaner than smoking, hence your bong will look clean for longer. Top this up with SmokeWater, and your bong will need almost no maintenance. If used with vaporizers, SmokeWater will last for many, many sessions and will keep your bong clean for a long time. 

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