Coffeeshop Hollywood Den Haag (The Hague)

After completing my visit to Happy Smile and Fly High, I visit another coffeeshop close by to my apartment; Coffeeshop Hollywood in Den Haag (The Hague). Before visiting I decided to do some research on some of the other reviews of the place to see what kind of selection they offered and the quality of their weed. One review read, "The Best Amnesia in Den Haag !!" and "I think that i try every coffeeshop in Den Haag and Hollywood is No1 with the best Amnesia in whole Netherlands". This definitely had my hopes high and was very excited to visit for the first time.


Coffeeshop Hollywood in The Hague

Coffeeshop Hollywood The Hague


Review and Overall Experience

A 10 minute walk from home, Coffeeshop Hollywood is located next to the tram stop Den Haag, Wouwermanstraat making it accessible to many which may be why there is always a line of people outside waiting to get their weed. As I line up outside, a worker asks for my ID to make sure I was 18 or older. I then see the interior, a very compact and tight space but used effectively as they have two counters to order from and a selection of 6 flower strains, pre rolls, and hash.

The best experience I've had as a customer so far in a coffeeshop. The guard outside checking the ID, and the budtenders were such great people as they felt more like friends rather than workers. The guard when he saw my ID, surprised that I was Japanese told me a story of when he visited Japan for the first time and went to Disneyland and was left unsatisfied as most of the attractions were in Japanese and he didn't understand what was going on most of the time.

I then realised it was my turn to enter and order. I knew I wanted to try the Amnesia Haze so I ordered a gram of that but as I looked at the menu, all the strains looked very intriguing. Many strains that are famous but are very uncommon at dutch dispensaries. Although prices are relatively high compared to competitors nearby, the quality difference is uncanny and is well worth the price difference. Be prepared for quite the high. The weed they offer here is very good and will have you high as a kite.

They also offer great offers such as 6-pack weed joints which should be a great offer for new smokers that can't roll as it is cheaper than buying singular pre-rolls. Also the mysterious Party Bomb which I hope to review soon. My favourite deal that I will be taking advantage of is when 5 grams is purchased, you receive a euro off per gram making buying in high quantities will save you 5 euros. A very great deal for people like myself who likes buying in high quantities to make sure I never run out.

I remember on the way home I decided to do some groceries but everywhere I went I smelt an intense odour of weed. At first I was guessing that someone was smoking in the area and that it was the source of the smell. As I entered the grocery store, the odour followed me which made me realise that the source was the weed that I have just purchased. I've never experienced anything like which had me more excited as I got closer to smoking it.


Quality of the weed

I put down the ziplock bags as I start taking photos and both the buds look gorgeous. High trichome density with great colours and smell. I could already tell it was gonna be a crazy night for my roommates and I. The odour was already reeking out of the ziplock bags so once I let it free, all of the smell escaped and filled my room instantly.

As usual I used the Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers now available at to roll a joint, I got to fully experience the visual of this flower and as expected was left high for the remainder of the night.


Hollywood Den Haag: Amnesia Haze

Hollywood Den Haag: Amnesia Haze

aLeda Transparent Joint


Coffeeshop Hollywood: Menu

Strain Name

Price per g


Girl Scout Cookies

€ 12,50


Amnesia Haze

€ 11,50



€ 14



€ 12


Blue Fin

€ 10


Pink Grapefruit

€ 15






Mix Gruis (5 grams)

€ 35


Weed Joint

€ 3,50


Polm Joint

€ 3,50


Haze Joint

€ 4


Mix Joint

€ 8


6 Pack Weed Joints

€ 17,50

€ 2.9 per joint

Party Bomb

€ 22,50




Price per g


Lovely Lemon Haze Hash

€ 11



€ 17,50


King Kong Kush

€ 10



Is Hollywood in The Hague a good coffeeshop?

Personally I love this coffeeshop, not just the great weed but also the workers here and expect myself visiting here very often due to its great but rather small collection of flower and great deals that they offer. The store defiantly isn't the fanciest looking coffeeshop and offers no area to sit and smoke but the reasonable price for the quality of weed they offer, I personally rate this store a 4 and a half stars out of 5, and is definitely going to be my recommendation for my friends living nearby and for people visiting Den Haag as its very accessible located next to Wouwermanstraat tram stop. If in the area it's a MUST to visit!


More Information

Address: Fruitweg 1, 2525 KE Den Haag

Opening Hours: 10am - 12am

Phone: 0703890742

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