Greenline Bong 'Pagode'

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The Greenline Bong 'Pagode' is an exceptionally nice bong for its price. Very competitively priced yet a decent quality bong. It owes its name to the Asian temples of the same name with several floors, to which this bong resembles its shape.

The bowl and the downstem are attached to each other, also called a "chillum". The Pagode bong can be upgraded with a diffuser downstem for an even better distribution of the smoke in the water. The better diffusion of the smoke in the water increses the filtration effect: More harmful substances are left in the water so you inhale a lot less of these harmful substances, but the smoke is also a lot cooler and therefore smoother than with a normal downstem.

It is a simple bong, but certainly also an effective bong. Due to its simple operation without any other confusing features, it is very easy to use: Fill the bong with water, burn the desired smoke, draw the bong full of smoke and simply inhale deeply, and then enjoy the wonderful vapor in your lungs!

The glass that this Pagode Bong from Greenline is made of is of an extremely good quality for its price range. You will not find better for a competitive price such as this!

The bong is relatively easy to keep clean. You can do this at home simply with a brush and tap water. You could also choose to order a bong cleaning brush and bong cleaner in the Bongify webshop. With this set you ensure that the bong stays super clean and hygienic, so that you can enjoy your glass artwork as well as possible with every hit!

We only sell original Greenline Pagode bongs


About the Greenline Bong 'Pagode':

  • Glass Greenline Bong
  • Connection: SG14 (14.5 mm)
  • Color of the glass: Clear
  • Print: weed leaf smiley / GreenLine Logo
  • Height: 24 centimeters
  • Diameter: 24 mm
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