Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers Kingsize Regular

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Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers Kingsize Regular are well-known and very popular around the world, and for a good reason: they are slow burning, tasteless, non-plastic transparent cigarette rolling papers! How cool is it to actually see what you're smoking? This is no longer just a crazy idea, because with these clear Aleda rolling papers it will look like you're not even using any papers at all!

Are Aleda rolling papers safe? There are no chemicals used in the production process of Aleda Kingisze papers, and the cellulose is also a product of vegetable based origin, so there's no worrying about these papers being any worse for your health than regular rolling papers. Aleda smoking papers have many great reviews. They have been around for many years and aren't going anywhere soon. Everyone should have tried these papers at least once. 

How does it work? Aleda Rolling Papers work pretty much the same as any other type of rolling paper, except they have no gum line. Simply roll, lick the paper and it will stick from itself. Easy as that!

We only sell genuine Aleda rolling papers. Be safe and buy your Aleda rolling papers directly from Bongify, the #1 Online Bong Specialist of Europe!


About The Aleda Transparent Rolling Papers Kingsize Regular

  • Aleda Transparent Cigarette Rolling Papers
  • Made of 100% cellulose, non-plastic
  • Biodegredable and of vegetal origin
  • Slow Burning, Completely Tasteless
  • 40 Leaves per pack
  • Made in Brazil


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