Glass Ice Bong with Hemp Leaf

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This Glass Ice Bong with Hemp Leaf is a beautiful simple bong made of high quality glass. It's made by Black Leaf and is part of their "Breitseite" bong range. All "Breit" bongs are known for their superb quality, great value for money, good stability and beauty in simplicity. This hemp leaf bong is 45 centimeters tall and has a diameter of 55 milimeters. The Grind / Fitting for the downstem is SG19 (18,8mm), and the downstem and bowl are one piece. The glass is 3.2mm thick. Whereas this is an ice bong, it has ice notches just a bit above the kickhole or carbhole.

You can fill this bong with ice cubes to improve the cooling of the smoke. This also functions as a splash guard, making it impossible for water to splash into your mouth; but because this bong is so tall, that won't happen, unless you rip it like an insane idiot. The round foot is very well made and provides this bong with plenty of stability. This ice bong has an overall impression of high quality, and lasts for a very long time if you're a bit careful. A truly great bong, whether you're a rookie or a bong master. Buy this genuine Black Leaf Breitseite Bong directly from the #1 online bong specialist of Europe.


About The Glass Ice Bong With Hemp Leaf 

  • Made of High Quality Glass
  • Breitseite Bong with Hemp Leaf
  • Height: 450mm Diameter: 55mm
  • Grind / Fitting: SG19 (18,8mm)
  • 3.2mm Thick Glass
  • With Ice Notches
  • With Kickhole / Carbhole
  • Heavy with Stable Base
  • Great Value For Money
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