'Grace Glass' 6 Shooter Diffuser Adapter Chillum SG19

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This 'Grace Glass' 6 Shooter Diffuser Adapter Chillum SG19 is one of the easiest ways to greatly improve the performance of your bong. By spreading the smoke through the water with multiple holes and slits instead of one big hole, the smoke gets cooled and filtered much more effectively. This results in a cleaner, smoother and less scratchy smoke.

The difference between a regular downstem and a diffuser downstem is HUGE! Everyone who is used to smoking with a diffuser downstem will never want to go back to regular downstems with just one big hole. Another great feature of diffuser downstems (and this one in particular) is that it reduces the bubbling sound of the water, and it also reduces the vibration in the bong. It's like comparing a 4 cylinder engine to a Rolls Royce V12 - there's no comparison. 

With the modern yet classy Grace Glass logo printed on the downstem, you are instantly recognized as a true bong lover by anyone who knows anything about bongs. Even if you have a simple, cheap bong, you can improve both the style and performance of your bong by equipping it with this relatively cheap bong upgrade.

Thanks to the two universal SG19 (18,8mm) connections, you can use this Grace Glass diffuser downstem for bongs with nearly any bong or waterpipe, and any bowl, precooler or ash catcher with the same connection. Just make sure that the length of 16 centimeters is right for your bong. If not, we have many other, longer and shorter, downstems for bongs available at Bongify.

Bongify only sells GENUINE Grace Glass diffuser downstems.


About The 'Grace Glass' 6 Shooter Diffuser Adapter Chillum SG19

  • Diffuser Downstem for Bongs / Waterpipes
  • 6 Branches with 2 Diffuser Slits
  • Length: 16 Centimeters
  • Connection: 2x SG19 (18,8mm)
  • Made by Grace Glass
  • With Grace Glass logo
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