T2 Titanium Black Leaf "Rock 'n' Roll Bowl"

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The T2 Titanium Black Leaf "Rock 'n' Roll Bowl" is an almost indrestructible bong bowl that fits on all bongs and pipes with a 14,5mm (SG14) or 18,8mm (SG19) attachment, both male and female! The Black Leaf Bowl Screens also fit perfectly in the Rock 'n' Roll Bowl, enabling you to change the size of the bowl (on the inside, see the video in the description below). Because the screens fit so well in the bowl, the airflow remains perfect, and you can be sure of the full bong hit as it should be! The screen "floats" in the bowl. Your herbs burn perfectly and there's plenty of space for a BIG hit!

Perhaps the best thing about the Black Leaf Rock 'n' Roll Bowl is that it is virtually indestructible thanks to the strong titanium of which it is made. Black Leaf offers a lifetime warranty on the Rock 'n' Roll Bowl! No more problems with a broken bong bowl, or a bowl that doesn't fit. But isn't glass better than titanium bong bowls? Well, we are convinced that the Rock 'n' Roll Bowl is certainly no less good than a glass bowl, whereas the bowl is 100% free of funky flavours or smells, and therefore the taste of your precious herbs, hash or extracts isn't affected. This means that you can enjoy your bong hit just the way you're used to, but you don't have to be afraid of dropping your glass bowl on the floor and breaking it. Fantastic, right?

Bongify only sells the genuine Black Leaf Rock 'n' Roll Bowl


About The T2 Titanium Black Leaf "Rock 'n' Roll Bowl" 

  • Bong Bowl Made of T2 Titanium Grade 2
  • Fits on all SG14 or SG19 attachments (male and female)
  • Height: 67 / 71 millimeters
  • Absolutely tasteless and almost indestructable
  • All 'Black Leaf' Bowl Screens also fit perfectly
  • Lifetime Warranty


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